Thursday, October 20, 2011

For My Dear Friend Nadia

I love my job. There's nothing quite like being present at the birth of a baby. The screams, the joy, the tears, the relief, the happiness. Being able to share that special moment with new mums and dads every day is an extreme privilege.

But it's not always like that. There's not always a happy ending, and when this job gets sad - it gets heartbreakingly sad. I like to think that if I can help my patients through what might be the toughest thing they've ever had to do and make it even just the smallest bit better or easier then my job is done.

I've had patients hug me after their miscarriage and thank me for my kindness. I've had people send me thankyou gifts for helping them deliver their stillborn baby because I've shown them compassion. And whilst that brings me to tears, it's still very rewarding because hopefully it means that I've done my job well.

I believe in scrapping the everyday moments of life.... and they're not always parties and laughter. I couldn't help but snap this photo of a recent thankyou gift I received from a patient. For a start, this chocolate bouquet was exquisite! But mainly because this patient and her story is going to remain in my memory forever. You see, I had only just days earlier helped her deliver her twin girls. Stillborn. At 23 weeks.

So I'm sorry to get all deep and meaningful on you today, but my heart is heavy with compassion for my dear friend Nadia who is also suffering a similar grief at the moment. She's just recently started scrapping again to help her deal with the pain, and it would be great if you went and left her some love.



  1. A beautiful LO Nat. This is the reason I am hesitant to pursue my dream of midwifery. I am so unsure as to how I would deal with this. Thank you for showing us the importance of scrapping this side of our lives.

  2. The page you have created is a very special page indeed. My thoughts are with Nadia and the many other women for whom the happy ending is not a reality.

  3. *gasp* I don't know what to say Natalie. I am speechless. Thank you is not enough. I trusted my obstetrician very much in all this. She delivered my 2 girls, she knows I am emotional, she knows me...I hugged her too. I told her the next day when she called me that she needs to know she is God's gift to all the women whose lives she will cross. Your job is not a "job" its not "work" . It is beyond that. She made the first human touch with my baby..and I didnt at all. She gave my baby all the dignity in the world. She made me feel that the baby and I (and even Sam) were the only important people right there and then. I could not have done this without her. Or the midwives. I don;t know how you do it. But THANK YOU. Yes..your work is invaluable. I just don;t think there are words for people like me to express how we feel about people like you. You, just like my doctor, will always be remembered by the women in my position and even the other side..the happy side. Thank you for this.


    Thanks for posting made me cry earlier today so left my own words on my blog for Nadia.

  5. Natalie, I think you're a beautiful person. Thank you for being who you are.

  6. Tears are rolling down my face. I have no idea how hard this must be for you and for the family. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with this.


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