Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Story of Super Myah

Just time to sneak in my March entry for the sketch challenge at The Scrapbook Store. I've used a colourful and ecclectic mix of products...

and made my layout based on this sketch by my friend Nadia. I didn't have a long skinny photo so I just stuck with my usual square Instagram one, and turned the border strip into much more of a visual focus than the sketch suggests.

I think I've just about used the whole rainbow of bright fun colours here on this page! But it fit with my theme of my super-hero daughter. She calls herself "Super-Myah" and she runs around the backyard brandishing her super-powers.

I certainly believe in empowering my girls, and I'm more than happy for them to believe in their own abilities. I try to strengthen them in body, mind and spirit. In our house we don't shy away from the tough questions (wow kids can sure ask some doozies!) but we teach them the truth and answer them with honesty.

It's a fabulous feeling to see them assimilate their new knowledge and then use it in their own lives. Sometimes the results are quite hilarious though. One one occasion it appears as though Moodles was combining what she learned about prayer with her new anatomy knowledge. As she prayed for me she decided to go through and list each of my body parts in turn. "Dear God, I pray for Mummy's head, and her tummy, and her arms, and her legs, and her nipples, and ............"

Yep! That's my little Super Hero!!



  1. Glad your nipples are getting prayerful support...sorry, couldn't help that one....LOVE the circled hand:):) Good on you! Empowered girls make the world a better place!!! And I like that you've done it....NICE swing with the 'y' going on there!!!!!

  2. Such a fun and bright LO. Love the pic and the story.

  3. Beautiful! Love all the colours! And your take on the sketch really shows that a sketch is only a "starting-point", not "the law". :)

  4. A Really striking layout, love the circle around the hand as well and what a great story


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