Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finding Sweetness

I'm sure most of us at one time or another in our parental career have had that horrible experience of a lost child. Even if it's just for a few minutes it's heart-wrenching isn't it? We had one of those moments a few months ago and the terror of it still haunts me when I look at this photo which was taken soon after.

We were at an outdoor wedding, on the grounds of a beautiful farm. The Man was doing his usual sound engineering stuff and so we were seperate for most of the event, but the kids wandered back and forth between us. We all gathered around for the speeches, and Munchy went down the front so she could see better. I caught The Man's eye at one point and we communicated in gestures and 'sign language'. "Have you got Moodles?" I ask, realising I hadn't seen her in a while. "No, haven't you?" he answered.

Oh no! That aweful second when you realise she's nowhere to be seen. And the following second when you realise that there's at least two lakes she can easily access, not to mention the highway out the front. And the crowd of people who could help you search are in the middle of celebratory speeches that you would really prefer not to interupt.

 The four or five people in our immediate vicinity who realised what was going on quickly helped us silently search. It probably only took about 5 minutes for someone to locate her, but oh-my-goodness they were scary minutes! She was crying hysterically, alone in the carpark. And when she was brought to me I snatched her up and she held me soooo tight.

Later on we all consolled ourselves with fabulous desserts, and that's when I snapped this picture. It's a good reminder to me about appreciating how precious my kids are. Not as though I didn't know it beforehand, but the scare of losing them was almost too much to bear. The realisation of savouring every moment, and finding the sweetness in everything is what this layout is all about.

Flourish With a Bling Pearls:


  1. Soooo true! Happened to me in the supermarket...VERY scary always find interesting stuff to scrap about:):) This is a cute page...LOVELY bling!!!!

  2. Oh goodness, your story gave me cold chills, I have had that moment before myself! Love your page, so pretty!!! Working on one ATM that has art work on it from my son, so plan on linking back you when I post it. Since of course, it's inspired by your posts! ;-)

  3. OMGosh I had those horrible breath holding feelings while reading this story so I'm so glad all turned out safe and sound. Precious little being they are and we don't stop worrying about them even though they get to be adults like mine.

  4. This layout is just precious as is your little princess!
    love the way you have used the pearls

  5. Beautiful page - Your story brought back one of the worst parenting moments of my life. My partner took our 3 year old for a sunday morning walk in the local reserve and chris managed to wander away in the time that it took my hubby to tie up his shoe lace! To cut a long story short we had half the neighbourhood out looking for him and eventually the lovely local policeman found him walking calmly along the side of the main road 'heading home'. That was 16 years ago now but I still go cold thinking about it. You are so right - our kids are so very precious. I'm off to give my littlies and extra big hug!

  6. The story is something most parents can relate to at some stage. And I loved that you scrap about it. I have become a follower after reading this and looking around your blog, love your woek :)


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