Friday, May 22, 2015

The Story of 28 Patterns

Before there was The 100 Day Project (check out my Instagram if you don't know what I'm talking about) I participated briefly in Julie Balzer's #28 Patterns which ran during February.
Yeah, I know, I'm really behind on my blogging ;-)

A simple concept of creating patterns with whatever method or medium you chose every day for 28 days. I find these challenges are great for diving into past supplies, stretching yourself creatively, coming up with new techniques and of course, having a bunch of fun at the same time.

To be honest, I wasn't very good at keeping up with this one. I think I only managed 2 or 3! But at least on this day I took my patterned piece of paper and actually did something with it - turning it into this retro-ish card with the addition of a couple of simple embellishments. So it became something practical for me too.

I'm still working on turning this one into a card too. I think it'll work nicely for a birthday card though don't you think?

Happy scrapping!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Just to finish off

I finished off last year's Handbook a little while back, and I've shared a bunch of pages here and here. So today I'm showing off the last of the pages so that I can finally lay this one to rest. I've been working my butt off to get Judah's baby album done and I'm pleased to say that it's almost there, but I can't share it yet because it's for a super-secret assignment :-)

First up, on the left hand side I've got a page dedicated to Bethany's artwork, and I've included a little notebook she filled in about her heroes as a little added extra. I've really put my Attacher Die to good use to add in all these bits and bobs that don't fit into a pocket easily. And did you see that Studio Calico just released an updated version for 6-ring binders too?

Whilst on the right hand side of this spread I've got a page documenting the time we went to the Queen concert. This full 6x8" page allowed enough room to include a photo and the ticket and a bit of journaling without having to break it up into separate pockets.

Next up we have Moriah's 5th birthday party. And by party I just mean a couple of relatives around our kitchen table celebrating with her Frozen-style.

It was such a great excuse to break out my stash of snowflake embellishments that don't otherwise get much use around here.

Then I've got a spread dedicated to my Grandma's funeral. Not a fabulous topic, but a real-life one, and of course it's one that's an important part of our lives so I definitely wanted to include it in my Handbook. I've put a little handwritten note from her in one of the pockets, and used those Attacher Dies to add in her Memorial Order of Service.

And finally I put in those stock-standard Kindergarten photos that Moriah came home with that I don't think I'd ever use for a layout (perhaps a little too staged for my liking?) so into the album they went.

Oh and a spread for the time I saw the musical Once, just to mix it up a bit. That's the beauty of the Handbook I reckon - small pages to document a hodgepodge of memories without any need for logical flow because each one can stand alone, or work together as a full spread.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Story of the No-Glue Butterfly Card

I got a little opportunity last night to scrap and I wanted to try and catch up on a couple of NSD challenges if I could. I tried to knock out two or three, but ultimately only came up with one. It was a case of 'let's pull out a million things, try them out in a thousand different combinations and then just hurry up and sew it down where it's last landed because now the baby is crying' kind of crafting.

It seems I'm in a bit of a Mood Board mood lately because it was this stunner that took my fancy from the Pinkfresh Studio and Winnie & Walter NSD challenges that prompted my card. 

Inspiration mainly came from the image in the bottom left. Yellow butterfly, kraft and white lacy doily - that's what got my creative juices flowing. The green layers were added because I needed a little splash of colour, and the pink pearls were scattered just as the pink flowers are all over this mood board.

But seriously I mean it - there's no adhesive on this card for any of the paper layers. It's literally all just held in place by the sewing down the middle of the butterfly! Cost-effective as well as fast ;-)

Did you manage any NSD scrapping this week?

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Story of the May Jot Mood Board

Yep, this one spoke to me. It said, "I'm bold, I'm graphic, I'm a little bit retro-chic" and so I was inspired instantly by the May Mood Board challenge at Jot Magazine.
Here's what I whipped up as my Jot Girls contribution. It's a card which is my standard these days. Firstly because I'm all into card making these days. The scrappy kind of card making I like to think. And secondly because I feel like now I need to represent all the other card makers out there. You know you can enter any kind of papery project for these challenges don't you?

The only thing I regret about this card is that I kinda forgot to use the free digital "Be positive" that Jodie from Polka Dot Creations is letting you all have. See the image in the Mood Board up there? Yep! That's what you can have for free. Some of the other Jot Girls have been ever so creative with it. Using it as a digital stamp, turning it into a cutting file - you name it! You can download your copy here.

Now when I said that I was instantly inspired by the Mood Board I'm telling the truth. What I didn't mention straight up though is that this card I submitted as my contribution wasn't my first attempt at it though. This is the one I struggled with first of all before deciding it really wasn't going to cut the mustard and starting all over again.

Love that pink bow though ;-) I made it with one of my most used favourite dies.

Come and join in with our challenge here

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Story of the Super Happy Fun album

Although I still consider myself a country girl (despite living in Melbourne for say um…. 14 years now!) there are definitely perks to living where I do. Like when in March both Amy Tan and Heidi Swapp came to my local Spotlight store within a few days of each other! They both taught different classes, but unfortunately I didn't have a chance to actually 'do' Amy's for various reasons. But today I'm going to share the quick little mini-album we made during Heidi's visit.

We really only put together the foundation of the pages during the class. I did not go prepared with photos in hand! All these little extra bits were added when I got home. But because of the nature of her products, this was soooo quick to assemble - especially when you've got the expert guiding you through each step of it!

Loved the combination of transparencies, envelopes, tags and memorydex cards as the different pages within it. The eclectic look always reminds me of what scrapbooking is all about - accumulating a hodge-podge of photos and memorabilia and then trying to present it in some logical order. Maybe that says more about my scrapping style than it should ;-)

Yeah so I turned it into an "I love Spring" memoir!

With just a touch of Summer as well.

The promo tour was certainly effective. I can honestly say I've fallen in love with the Wanderlust collection now, and especially how well it mixes with her previous collection September Skies (which is what I've done here). Be prepared to see more Heidi around these parts!


Saturday, May 2, 2015

National Scrapbook Day 2015

There's so much happening around the blogosphere tonight, just love the excitement that's poured out about our mutual love for all things memory keeping and papery. I've already done some blog hops and chats and created things. But right now I'm going to be here at Big Picture Classes.

There's a free classroom that just opened up where I'll be amongst some seriously talented women challenging you in different ways. Here's the project I created for my challenge - see if you can guess what it could be?!


You might need to go ahead and watch the video I've put together of how I created the card which will explain exactly how and what the challenge is!


And if you're thinking with all this crafting you're going to need some new supplies then check out the limited edition World Scrapbooking Day kit from BPC. Not only is it totally gorgeous (totally need that stamp!) but it ships FREE anywhere in the world! That's enough to make me push the 'purchase' button ;-)

 (there's also a very similar kit, with the same free shipping clause over at Studio Calico as well!)

So I hope you'll join me over in the Big Picture Classes classroom for some serious fun!
But in the meantime...
Happy Scrapping!


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Delving into The Makers' Box

Things at The Makers' Collective have changed this month. The previous (slightly confusing) membership system has been simplified so that all members will have early access to purchase each month's Makers' Box at a deeply discounted price. There is no obligation to buy a kit each time if it's a project that doesn't appeal to you. Alternatively, if you wanted to gift a Makers' Box for a friend as well then you have the opportunity to get more than one! 

Here's what I got in my Makers' Box this month....

Firstly, there were tassels. And you all know my recent addiction to tassels! I've been adding paper tassels to my layouts and cards like crazy, so the fact that this project came with instructions on how to make these miniature ones out of embroidery thread was a huge winner for me. The kit includes three different coloured thread and 5 different size jump-rings so you can already make five tassels with HEAPS of thread left over for more later.

Next up was the (slightly more tedious) task of threading beads onto elastic. A bit difficult given that the elastic was quite a snug fit through the hole in the beads. However, what I love about this now is that the beads don't move around on the elastic and make that annoying clicky sound when you walk or wave your arms :-)

Straight up I made these two bracelets for my girls - letting them choose what colour tassel they would like. Moriah, who had previously been obsessed with all things purple has shifted her attention to blue since it's the colour that features so prominently in the movie Frozen, so that's what she chose. Whilst Bethany was rather taken with the bright yellow.

Of course, I tried them on for size. Quite cute hey?! I definitely need to be making myself some next. The project kit came with enough black beads to finish these two bracelets with some left over (but not enough for another full one). There is heaps of the elastic left though, and as I said, at least another three tassels already made. So I'm thinking I just need to stock up on the beads and I'll be all set to make a bunch more of these, especially since the process was so quick and simple I was able to complete them during one of Judah's naps!

 To sign up for a Makers' Membership check out all the details here.


Friday, April 17, 2015

A Handbook Holiday

After posting my 'front cover' of the holiday section in my 2014 Handbook at the beginning of the month as part of my Studio Calico Lisse Street projects I figured I probably should finish off the rest of the pages!

Now I know I just stated that and then posted a photo with the left-hand still empty. It is actually complete but for the life of me it seems I failed to take a photo of it! But I wanted to push on and get all these up for you, so I'm not going back now to photograph it I'm afraid ;-)

I've been using a bunch of different SC Project Life kits, but I'm also digging into my old stash of 'vintage' products lately too. This spread below was all made with the old Studio Calico collections Sundrifter and Here & There from ?2012, maybe even ?2011. Still classic!

This spread is probably one of my favourites of this section, it's made with the Hello Hello PL kit and includes such fun embellishments like that line of sequins... which was actually an accident. I'd originally thought it would be cute to draw a little fish there, to fit with my theme, and just jumped right in with a pen. Needless to say it didn't turn out so well and then I had to find something to cover it up!!

There's still plenty of journaling throughout my spreads which is always important to me. I love the fun colourful filler cards, but I need to have the cards that allow me space to write! The SC kits always have such a great mix of both I find.

The last page in this section of my Handbook concludes with another spread not shown here (because I've shared it here back in January). I have such a sense of satisfaction that I've finally finished this now. I mean, the holiday was in September... so it's only 7 months late!



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