Saturday, July 23, 2016

Let's Talk Sizzix

Can I be honest for a minute? (Actually I'm always honest, it's just sometimes I feel like I have to ask your permission first! LOL!) ..... here it is..... my 'job' at Sizzix is is really beginning to stretch me in ways I never imagined!

You see, when they approached me and invited me to join their blogging team I was like "yeah, sure. That should be easy enough. They make dies right? I use dies on my cards and my scrapbook pages and my project life pages all the time. Count me in!"

And yes, most of the time I can get away with that. I can share with you fun new and interesting techniques to stretch how you use dies on your cards and scrapbook pages and project life pages. For example, earlier in the month I shared how to achieve a partial diecut on the side of your card, and I used my new-favourite Hummingbird die. You can check that out on the blog HERE.

But then sometimes they ask me to change it up a bit, or they request specific projects and it causes me to really have to stop and challenge myself. Now don't get me wrong.... I absolutely LOVE that! I love pushing myself to learn new things and think outside the box, and to experiment with different materials. Which is why when they asked me to create an Aussie version of the Softee Bear in line with their #shareyoursoftee campaign I jumped at the chance!

I'm not claiming it's the world's best sewing, or the most inventive Softee Bear you've ever seen but I do love the idea that if someone like me can whip up a stuffed doll in an afternoon without having to do any of the tedious tracing templates and cutting fabric by hand then I'm hooked! And turns out Moriah was very impressed with my efforts too ;-)
You can check out my post on the Softee Bear HERE.


And whilst we're on the subject of things that are blowing my mind at Sizzix, today I stumbled across this old Tim Holtz video where he demonstrates the Dimensional Cutting Pad and I have to admit I wasn't aware of this product before. But after watching this and trying to count the possibilities it opens up I've now put it at the top of my 'must get' list! Which is handy.... because it happens to be on SALE at Sizzix right now ;-)

Catch you again real soon.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Jot Magazine July Mood Board

Happy weekend!
I've just spent the day creating and cleaning and cooking - basically just keeping real busy since I'm home alone and I'm counting down the hours until the family gets home from their little holiday. It's been very productive! So let me share one of my recent projects with you...

It's all very sunshiney and bright and happy right? Well that was the vibe I was going for, and it was all inspired by the latest Jot Magazine Mood Board.

Clearly it was that little pineapple image down the bottom which really got my creative juices flowing and I wanted to literally scatter them all over my card. But I remembered to get a little bit of that woodgrain in and enough white to calm it down a touch too ;-)

Since it was all about the pineapple I wanted a sentiment that made sense and I found some little stamps to say 'you are very sweet' which worked perfectly right?

Anyway, I wonder how you'll interpret the mood board? It'd be great to have lots of participants in this challenge because I really felt like scrapping this sunshiney board in the midst of winter (for us Aussies) was very therapeutic! You can find all the challenge details on the Jot Blog HERE.



Saturday, June 25, 2016

January's Project Life Spread

I'm so behind at sharing my Project Life spreads here... sorry!!
I'm taking a different approach this year with my album and I'm only making one for the whole family (which contrasts to the separate albums I had for each of the kids last year)

And so what I'm going to do is a double-spread for each month, as well as extra pages for special events and holidays and whatnot.
So I need you to imagine that the two images above go side by side. The top one is the left hand side and the bottom is the right. In the future I will obviously need to take photos of them in that configuration!

And now here's a whole bunch of detail photos so you can check it out close up!

This bulky embellishment is actually a bit of memorabilia that I wanted to include in the album. It's the invitation my brother and his new fiance used to ask Bethany and Moriah to be their flower girls at their upcoming wedding. It's a bit too big to keep in the plastic pocket so I'm gluing it to the outside instead ;-)

As per usual I'm trying desperately hard to use my giant stash of Studio Calico Documenter kits. I'm still a subscriber so they keep coming to my door (which I'm very happy about!) I just need to use them more! It's a little hard to kill a whole kit when you're only making a spread a month, so I probably just need to think up more 'occasions' that need to be included so I can make more pages ;-)

So yes, whilst I'm only getting around to sharing my January spread with you I am a lot more up to date than this. Not up to the actual date... but much closer than 6 months behind! I've even photographed everything last weekend, so now I just need to get to and edit them and get them up here.

Better stay tuned I guess!


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sizzix's Funky Flamingo

I just recently received some new happy mail from Sizzix that was jam-packed with the new releases. Top of my list of ones I wanted to try was the Funky Flamingo! Flamingos are so on-trend right now, and this one is a great addition to your stash since it's not too frilly or twirly (that's important to me!!) and because the wings are cut separately in 2 pieces it gives you some great options to mix and match colours.

So I was inspired to put the Funky Flamingo to use in my latest Sizzix blog post which went up last night. You can catch it on the Sizzix UK blog here. It also includes a video tutorial of how my whole card came together ;-) But here's a couple more sneak peeks for you in the meantime.

And if you're looking for more inspiration and fresh ideas on how to use the Funky Flamingo die, then check out the FREE downloadable project sheets here. Looks like I'm not the only one obsessing over this die!


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Illustrated Faith Kits and Deals at Day Spring

If you've been thinking about getting either of the last two Illustrated Faith kits from Day Spring then you might want to jump over there RIGHT NOW! They're currently offering both of these kits together for only $50 (instead of $30 each) plus free shipping within the US.

But this offer has only literally HOURS to go before they withdraw it, so don't delay!

And don't forget to use this coupon if you're thinking of spending a little bit more money, because then you'll save a whole bunch too. In fact, if you're going to pick up the 2 kits for $50 then you might as well pick up the NEWEST kit (yes, it only just released today!) for an extra $30.... then use the coupon to get $25 off which means it'll only cost you $5!
Like my logic?!

This is the latest kit, it's called "Yes and Amen" and is written by Junelle Jacobson. I'm loving the look of that pea-green ink aren't you? And as usual it's filled with a devotional, stamp set, washi tape, cards, stickers and more.

Today I thought I'd share a quick look inside some of my devotionals from past kits so that you can get a better idea of what they look like.

First up I've got the Lists by Faith journal. This one is definitely more of a journal than a devotional. In fact it's really open to your own interpretation as it's simply a set of prompts for you to list down your responses to. But I've been finding it a great tool for remembering and worshiping God for the many blessings in my life.

I've also found it's been a great way for the girls to get involved too, and each of them has taken in turns to journal their own responses to the prompts. Here you can see Moriah (who's 6) jotting down her favourite stories from the Bible. To translate for you (!) it says, "10 plagues of Egypt", "David and Goliath", "Isaac's sacrifice", and "the Prodigal Son".

And then there's the current kit called "Blessings or Lessons" by our own Stephanie Smokovich - the brains and beauty behind Bella Blvd. Above is everything you receive in the kit, and below is a couple of snapshots of how I've been working through the devotional.

This one is a more in-depth sharing of Stephanie's story, with questions to make you think about your own journey and the people in your life - are they blessings or lessons? Mostly I'm finding the questions deserve more than just a 3 line response so I'll be journaling out my thoughts in my Praise Book whilst using the space here to focus on the scripture references.

One last thing to let you know about...
DaySpring are currently hosting a giant GIVEAWAY where you could win yourself the Leather ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, the entire Genesis Kit PLUS a $100 voucher which is over a $300 value! Find all the details here.



Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jot Magazine Issue 14

If you haven't downloaded your FREE copy of the latest issue of Jot Magazine yet then you are missing out. It's hard to imagine that they keep getting bigger and brighter and more inspirational with each passing issue but it's true. This one is jam-packed!

I'm so lucky to be a Jot Girl! It means I have the honour of making a few projects to appear in the magazine and this month I tackled two of the gallery themes.
The first one was for the 'Stencil' gallery.

That'll be fairly straightforward I thought. I've got LOTS of stencils in my stash I thought. Anyway, it turns out it was one of those occasions where having too much of something can be a bad thing. Meaning I stared at all my stencils and had so many choices that I hit a bit of a road-block from the early stages with lots of half-ideas but no clear direction.

Anyway, I put my dilemma out there on Instagram and you all encouraged me and suggested things and before I knew it I I had crafted up this rainbow coloured birthday card with it's scattering of brightly coloured sequins! I'm really happy with how fun this is! Thanks to all my loyal support team out there!

I also did a Project Life spread for the 'Adding Text to Photos' gallery.
To be honest, a lot of the time I try to make the gallery themes fit into pages that I already have on my to-do list rather than creating special pages just for the prompt. I was just starting our family Project Life album for the year and had only reached as far as our Australia Day celebrations and so that became the subject of my page!

Lots of green and gold of course, and I had to crack out my Australia die from Studio Calico because that was an obvious choice too! And never fear - there is a little Tasmania floating around somewhere, it does exist on the die... I just think I lost him somewhere ;-)

As for the actual 'text on photos' bit, well I kept that fairly simple I admit. I used a Kellie Stamps digital stamp and applied it directly to my photo before printing. By adding an outline and a drop shadow I gave it a bit more dimension and helped it jump off the page a bit. Every little tip helps right?

So anyway, my contribution was a little brief this Issue, but that's because we had so much content this time around that some of it is getting saved for the next one!! That's a little while away, so in the meantime make sure you get THIS issue and be ready to be awed by the fabulousness inside!
Find all the details HERE.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer of Sketches (and other class news)

Summer of Sketches is a season-long new class that just started at Studio Calico today. Like seriously... it's going to run for the next 3 months!! It's lead by Jamie Waters and features a bunch of other crazy talented contributors.... as well as me ;-)

The way it works is that every Monday a new video and layout from Jamie will appear in the classroom. There will also be a sketch based on her layout as well as tips for how to make it work for you. Then there will be two contributors making a layout and a round-robin style approach where each scrapbooker will work from a sketch of the layout created by the person before them.

By the end of it you'll have 12 start-to-finish videos from Jamie, 12 sketches based on her work plus 36 further sketches based on the class projects. That's endless inspiration!
Plus if you sign up now you'll also receive this 4x6" stamp set posted to you absolutely FREE!

I can't share my layout with you yet, but I've managed to sneak in this little peek of the project I'm contributing a little bit later on in the proceedings. I've used the latest Scout Scrapbook kit (still love all that shiny gold!) plus the exclusive stamp set too.

You can find all the details about how to register for class HERE.

And if you're in the mood for classes right now then you might also want to check out this Calligraphy Class taught by Maghon Taylor of All She Wrote Notes. As you can imagine, this one is all about learning practical tips and techniques for creating unique hand-lettered pieces in your own calligraphy style. It also comes with a FREE class kit consisting of a Speedball Holder and 2 Extra Fine Nibs. These are the nibs recommended by Maghon and used by her throughout the class so you'll be able to follow along with ease.

And lastly we have the amazing Lisa Truesdell teaching the latest addition in the Mini Book Workshop classes that are running throughout the year. She's going to share tips and techniques for how to use a travellers notebook to record adventures from a family vacation. This class is super affordable at only $10, or buy the whole 6 classes for only $50.

Lisa will be using a kit designed exclusively for the class and which can be picked up for an extra charge. All the details for enrolling in the Mini Book Workshop can be found HERE.

Happy classing!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Jot's June Mood Board Challenge

Lots of layers. Oodles of layers. That's what my cards are usually made of when I do the Jot Mood Board right? I can't help it! Something about trying to make sure I include all those colours into one small 6x4" space means I have to start stacking rather than spreading out!

The colour palette this month for the Jot Magazine Mood Board Challenge is so elegant with it's neutral tones and black & white stripes. It also included lots of floral images and that's what inspired me to go in this wedding-esque direction for my card contribution.

It might look like a bit of fiddly hard work to make this come together but can I tell you it was surprisingly easy? My secret is using a set of Mix and Match Flower (and leaf) dies from Sizzix. I simply grabbed a bunch of paper scraps that matched the colour scheme and then went crazy die-cutting them all out. The best part about it was that all the flowers come with a hole already punched through the middle so after stacking up all my layers I only needed to stick a brad through the middle and they were done!

If you're interested I've actually posted a whole tutorial on how to make this card on the Sizzix blog HERE ;-)

In the meantime, I hope you'll join us with the Jot Magazine Mood Board Challenge this month? There's a prize sponsored by our very own Sharmaine Kruijver on offer for the lucky winner. See all the details on how to enter HERE.



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