Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Story of the White Tail Deer

Right back at the beginning of November I was reading a tutorial on the Crate Paper blog by the amazingly talented Megan Klauer who mentioned oh-so-casually about creating her own custom files for the Silhouette, including this fabulous deer that she was demonstrating in the tutorial. Now I consider myself fairly computer-literate and I've had my Silhouette for over 2 years, but I was like "what?! how do you even do that?"

So I dropped an email to my friend Megan ('cos I happen to know she's also super-sweet and generous) and asked her pretty much in those words the same question. Not only did she answer it but she also kindly shared her deer file with me! I've since learned a lot of things - including the fact that this isn't really a reindeer as I so naively suggested!

I think it probably still does the trick though doesn't it? As a reindeer I mean. Especially since I've used him to grace the cover of my Not-Quite-a-December-Daily. And especially since I smothered him in green glitter! Happy days :-) Thanks Megan.




  1. I still love the deer head. LOVE IT :)

  2. LOVE the way you have decorated your cover and also liking your 'Not-Quite-a-December-Daily' approach :)


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