Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Story of Splash Painting

I'm back baby! My big exam is over (at least I hope so.... it's 6 weeks until I find out if I've passed ;-) which means I've got a lot of guilt-free scrapping to accomplish!

Did you know that we often run games on the Jenni Bowlin Mercantile forum? I was disappointed to miss out on the Valentine's Donkey Kong that just finished, but there's nothing to stop me now we've just released our latest game....... Scattergories!

What's it all about you say? Well you choose your letter (or get the random letter generator do it for you) then the challenge is to make a page where all your products begin with that letter. You can be as creative as you like. For example Doris has the letter 'D' and she claimed that staples can also be called "double-pronged metal fasteners"! Sure ;-)

Apart from that the only other rule is to include at least one product that's JBS. And everyone goes into the draw for a $25 JBS Mercantile gift voucher when the challenge ends on March 16th!

Can you guess what my letter was by the way? I'll give you a hint... it's to do with my colour scheme ;-) And are you also wondering what Splash Painting is?! It's a self-invented messy outdoor kid activity where I filled some tubs with watered-down acrylic paint. Then I gave my girls baby-wipes instead of paint brushes. The idea is to get the wipes soaking in paint so you can drip and flick and splash it onto your paper! Totally fun ..... unless you don't like mess....

Speaking of Jenni Bowlin, there was a lovely JBS feature on the Aussie Scrap Source blog this week. A couple of my pages were shown there! Whooop!!

PS. I'm afraid I didn't explain myself very well in my last post and a few of you asked what 'Vine' was. It's an app that's very similar to Instagram, but instead of uploading and sharing photos, you upload looped 6-second videos. All my posts so far have been scrappy related, but I'm sure my kids are going to sneak into a video or two shortly! My user name is 'natalieelph' if you want to look me up.

JBS Products on this page:


  1. Is your letter "Y"? Great and fun layout. So wonderful that you can relax from studying for now. Those exams are tough- I should know as my husband has just passed his a few years ago. Enjoy scrapping time

  2. Aha! So now I know what Vine is....I don't even have a phone that takes pics, so I'm waay outta the loop. I'm no good at guessing, but I LOVED this sort of 'messy' play when my 2 boys were young. Such FUN! We also liked getting into the sand pit nude [well, not ME] turning on the hose & making into 'mud territory'... that's GREAT fun, too:):):)

  3. Love the photos of the kids and their creative splashes!


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