Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Story of Once Upon a Time

I've had a bit of fun with this one, going with an almost 'fairytale' theme. Light and airy whimsical embellishments with a soft colour scheme.

I can't take credit for it though as I'm following along with the gorgeous colour scheme,  embellishment and journaling prompts that is the current challenge at CSI: Colour, Stories, Inspiration. It's their special Scrapbook 365 special edition challenge that will run all month long.

I'm starting to really like the idea of a colour scheme challenge as it forces me to go through my stash and pull out all sorts of new and old product, mixing and matching them as I go along. I end up using lots of stuff that I might not otherwise use, and it usually forces me in directions I might not have thought of.

On this page I went with a tonne of leftovers from very old Studio Calico kits - from 2011 I think! Just so I could get all these lovely soft-coloured papers. I did some stenciling and stamping in the background just to fulfil some criteria but I absolutely love how much more interesting it makes the page. And the clouds came courtesy of some Evalicious tags that I've turned around so they're just plain white!

This story is one of my Dad. It's written in the form of a fairytale, starting off with 'Once Upon a Time' there was a man. A good man. Trying his hardest to be a good Dad in the way that he was taught. He worked hard for us and provided everything we could ever need, but when it came to showing affection or talking about matters of the heart it was difficult for him. When my boyfriend (soon to be my husband) came along he started to crack that exterior shell and by the time the 2 girls came along he was ready to learn how to be a jolly jovial cuddly affectionate grandfather.

I don't blame him at all. After all, he grew up in a generation where 'men were men'. They didn't show emotion and they certainly didn't hug one another! So when he wrote this public declaration on Facebook about how much he loved and felt blessed by us kids and grandkids I knew it was a moment to be captured. A screenshot of a status update doesn't make for a fabulous photo, but it's the meaning behind it that's most important here.


 PS. Yes, my dad's name really is James Bond


  1. Awww shucks! That's a lovely story & I'm glad it's real & not a fairy tale::)!!! And if I was a judge, I'd pick yours....those circles on the bg....nice one!!!!!

  2. A fabulous layout and story to go with it :)

  3. It is a beautiful layout and a touching story! I love the FB status, it was needed to be captured. Scrapping isn't about the most beautiful photo, it's about a photo and a special moment that needs to be captured and preserved in time. This page brings tears in my eyes! It is precious!!!

  4. Great design and I'm loving all those little details!

    I'm hoping to get this weeks challenge done, it's been awhile since I've been able to play along :(


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