Monday, March 3, 2014

The Story of the Americanism

Oh dear... so what to do when your pre-packaged embellishment set comes with a great big gorgeous sentiment that's spelled in the American way, leaving out the 'u' which us Aussies include? It's quite the dilemma isn't it? And one that we face not all that rarely. 

On the one hand I've got the patriotic side of me which says, "don't buckle to the pressure, don't let our Aussie culture be completely replaced by the American one!" and, "don't let people think you don't know how to spell!" But on the other hand I've got the scrapbooking side of me which says, "but it's soooo pretty and everyone will know what you mean anyway." Plus, it would be such a shame to let this one sentiment on the set of Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party Dimensional Stickers go to waste when I'd already used so many of the others.

Ha! I guess you can see which side won the argument!

PS. What ultimately turned out to be a little embarrassing was when Munchy chose this card to give to her teacher for Valentine's Day. Out of all my cards, and out of all the people to give it to... she chose the card with a 'misspelling' on it to give to her teacher. I had to laugh!
And then I quickly augmented the front of it to stick a 'u' over the top ;-)


  1. Yes! I face the dreaded dilemma of Favorite and Color and Mom! I have to admit I do tend to avoid the American spelling on my craft projects. Then again, your online crafty presence has much more exposure than mine so I think you made the right decision in accepting the 'misspellings' and share with us your gorgeous creations :)

  2. We face the same problem in the UK. I studied English at University and taught writing to children for years too, so the spelling really stands out to me, but if the product is pretty enough I will use it! Your card is gorgeous, I love the layers of glitter! x

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  4. We also experience that problem here in Canada...and it drives me bonkers!! It is an absolutely gorgeous, despite the American spelling! Gorgeous!

  5. Like Jennifer says it's something us Brits face too. Personally I never use anything that doesn't match the English spelling - no matter how pretty - it just wouldn't feel like 'my' project.

  6. I feel your pain! I have to use US spelling on my site as people feel it looks wrong. BUT on my pages, I spelt it Okka!

  7. Yes...we definately face it in the UK....and personally I won't use anything that isn't 'English' spelling....which is a little sad sometimes!!


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