Monday, December 29, 2014

Favourite 15 before 2015 - Blog Posts

What a great idea by Kellie Winnell to document the top 15 favourites before 2015. I'm jumping on the bandwagon! What top 15 you ask? It'll be broken up into 3 segments over 3 days and will cover my 5 favourite Blog Posts today, my 5 favourite Projects tomorrow, and my 5 favourite Photos on Wednesday. Sound good? Here we go then....

1. Copper Mountain Reveal
Alright, so technically speaking this blog post went up at the end of 2013 - but it was the reveal of the Studio Calico January 2014 Kits so I'm counting it!
Why was it significant? Because it was the first set of kits I worked with as a Creative Team member and boy was I nervous! I really felt like the pressure to perform was on and I agonised over those pages for hours. I ended up being reasonably happy with how they all turned out and ultimately the Copper Mountain kits turned out to be amongst my favourite for the year.

2. My First Scrapbook Teaching Gig
In March I attended my first Scrapbooking Retreat - the wildly popular Escape 2 Create and it was a truly wonderful experience. Even more crazy than attending.... I was teaching! I've never done anything like it before (or since) but Amanda and Meredith and all the attendees were absolutely fabulous and supported and encouraged me each step of the way. Here's the story of my class and the layout I taught.

3. Silhouette vs Cuttlebug
As you will have noticed, the vast majority of my blog posts are project-focused. The kind where I show you one layout or card (for example) and then talk about my process of creating it. This is the mold that my blog was built on, and this will continue to be the case in the future. But it made for a refreshing change to do an impromptu product review of sorts in July when I compared what I love most about my Silhouette, and why I still need to have a Cuttlebug as well. So I'm thinking I could possibly do more of that sort of thing going forward?

 photo Lemon-Lush-Thanks.jpg

4. Brush Script
Being on the Creative Team for Studio Calico this year has been such an amazing experience for so many reasons, but one of the top ones is because it's 'forced' me into using new products and trying new techniques that I probably wouldn't have tried otherwise. I've taken many of the Classes that have been offered throughout the year and whilst each of them have taught me something exciting, there was a handful that really stood out above the rest. One of these was Kal Barteski's Life Scripted Class, and I blogged about my experience here. PS. This class is still on offer if you would like to join in at any time!

5. Project Life
Previously I have sworn that Project Life was just simply not for me. Too structured, too time consuming..... whatever else! But my eyes have been opened this year and I discovered that of course I can make Project Life into whatever I would like it to be, and that I can make it fit my own style. And actually, considering it's probably much more story-focused than even scrapbooking (usually) is then it might even be a better fir for someone like me who loves to document the details. I'm still figuring out what direction I'll take this for 2015, but here's the post that tells the story of discovery in 2014.

It's been quite fun looking back through some of my highlight reel of blog posts. It's quite an interesting exercise. Maybe you'd like to try it? All the details of joining up with Kellie's linky party are here.

See you tomorrow with my Top 5 Projects!



  1. I loved reading over your 5 fave blog posts! Your first PL page looks fantastic (not surprised lol). I just signed up for the Life Scripted course and hoping to follow this one through. I have a tendency to buy and never get past the first class!

  2. LOOOVED reading this - great idea! I had thoughts about switching up my blog a bit this year.....but I dunno.......I get busy with DTs & trying to work ahead...& the ideas go out the window.....anyways, we'll see how I go!!!!! Looking forward to your next posts in this series:):)


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