Monday, March 7, 2011

Tuppance a Bag

There are a few scrapping trends and fads that I adore and don't believe I'll ever get sick of. One of them is banners and bunting, and the new spin they're taking in the form of flags. Another is woodgrain pattern. Love it!

So I got this October Afternoon Seaside paper called Sandcastle in my October Studio Calico kit and I knew I wanted to use the b-side with this amazing grey woodgrain pattern as a background for a layout. But it's taken me this long to work up the courage to use it!

One of the other trends that I am digging as far as colour-combos are concerned is grey and yellow. So that's where I started with this page, but during the process it evolved a little with the addition of some vintage pink and blue tones as well.

Yes this does document the crazy story of how Little Moodles will scamper after the bread she finds on the lawn and gobble it up if the birds haven't got to it first (and if we don't stop her in time!)

See that frame and how it's filled with alphas as an embellishment? I'm really loving that idea! Can I say that?! *LOL* Told you I was thinking up new ways of using up my alpha stash :-)


  1. apart from doctor you are a good collage artist.


  2. Just adorable as always. I must say I saw that woodgrain and wasn't particularly impressed, but you have made me look differently at it now :)

  3. this is fab! love the framed alphas! such a fun & unexpected element (even if you've told us how it's happened!)
    Mary Poppins is our all-time fave movie- I'll have that song in my head the rest of the evening (happily!)


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