Saturday, May 21, 2011

Send in the Clowns

I grew up in a small country town where one of the highlights of the year was the annual Country Show. You know the type where the farmers get to parade their livestock, the women have baking competitions and there are plenty of rides and sideshows for the kids?

For the first time I took my two girls back there so they could experience it too. They had a ball of course. The clowns were a firm favourite and I snapped these fun photos of them.

I also just recently got my hands on the two new ranges from Studio Calico, and although State Fair seems like an obvious choice for these photos (given the theme) it was actually the colours of Countryside that better matched them.

I layered and mixed and matched almost the entire packet of the Countryside Tags to ground my titles and write my journaling on. I do like the effect and it was entirely worth it :-)

When I was done I posted this layout in the Studio Calico gallery, and they chose to feature it on their Facebook page as a way of promoting the Tags I guess. I'm quite chuffed over here!



  1. Gorgeous! I love what you have done here. Your pages are so recognisable to me. I can instantly spot your style and the colours you use. Your designs are also great! Keep it up. Also awesome that you took the girls there and didnt know you grew up in a small country town :o)

  2. this is so fun! and congrats on the feature!! woohoo! (and we go to the Western Washington State Fair- it's quite a to-do!)


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