Sunday, October 16, 2011

Peace and Quiet?

When I first saw the journaling criteria at Once Upon a Sketch this time around I was a little bit stumped for a moment. You see, the challenge says "journal at least 2 sentences on an embarrassing / awkward / uncomfortable moment. A moment you remember for all the wrong reasons!" and I'm a pretty easy going kind of girl - I don't embarrass too easily.

But then I remembered this awkward moment that I experienced a little while ago.....

I was performing an emergency Caesarian late one night and being on-call I had my phone in my pocket (on silent of course!) Now usually once the baby is out and the mother is cuddling it it's pretty quiet in the operating theatre whilst we finish the rest of the operation. But all of a sudden I hear a voice.... the voice of my husband!..... and it's coming out of my pocket!!

I hear him saying "Natalie... Natalie? hello? Why have you called me?"
It seems I had leant against the table and not only managed to speed-dial his number - but put him on speaker phone too!! If the whole theatre didn't hear him in the first place they certainly figured out what was going on as I awkwardly tried to lean down and speak firmly into my pocket "Hang up the phone!!"

Oh dear! Not my most professional moment :-)

So if you've got an embarrassing story to tell - why not scrap about it? It's very therapeutic :-) Along with the journaling criteria you also need to use this beautiful sketch. You can go and catch all the details on the challenge at the OUAS blog here.

We've got a fabulous line-up of Guest Designers for this challenge including my very favourite scrappy-crush Julie Fei Fan Balzer! And the mother-load in prizes including a chipboard-lovers dream package of Imaginarium Designs chippies. Not to mention you get to check out everyone else's funny stories too!


  1. LOL Nat!! Great LO, and I love the story behind it!!

    I've just spent 2 months in theatre on my final nursing placement and I can totally relate with some of the things I saw and heard about it there!!

  2. a nice LO and a really great story; the way you've done your sketch reveals the topic best!

  3. Hahaha At least you can laugh about it now Nati, love that sketch and your page is stunning.

  4. LOL oh yeah...that's a tad awkward! Love your page Nati! Gorgeous!

    Sheree xx

  5. LOL Nati...too funny!
    Love you LO :)

  6. the birth is a magical moment... I am doctor too... I work in moutain is tha french Alps... Yous pages are beautiful...


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