Sunday, November 6, 2011

Now She's 5

It's birthday season around here - first Munchy, now me (tomorrow..... and it's a big one.... shhhhh!!!) and then Moodles in another week or so.

This was one of those layouts that I had been imagining in my head for the longest time and then when it actually came to translating it to paper it just.... well...... didn't!! *LOL*

Oh well! The birthday essence is still there - with the colourful flags and ephemera and misting/splattering fun. And the idea of capturing a moment in time is still there. I did a mini-interview with Munchy about all her favourite things right at the moment and tried to include as many of them as possible in my journaling.

I even had the courage to let her write her own name up in the corner on my almost finished layout. It went a bit crooked hey? But adds to the charm I think :-)

So there's a few birthday celebrations going on around here and I might not have a chance to get near the computer for a few days for which I apologise in advance. But don't worry because I've been scrapping up a storm lately and have quite the backlog of projects to share when I get back!


  1. Actually I think the crooked name just adds charm. She looks so very pleased with herself and that birthday cake.
    Have a terrific birthday Natalie.

  2. I agree with Dale... the crooked title definitely adds to the LO and it's such a great one! I love the big "5" and the journaling.

    It's my birthday this week too! November is such a popular month! HAPPY BIRTHDAY for you and your girls. I hope you all have a fantastic week celebrating your special days!

  3. Happy birthday to you and your girls! She has fantastic handwriting already at age five! My son is almost eight and probably writes as well. Great layout.

  4. What a great picture! (And I always love your layouts!)

  5. Sounds like there will be a lot of celebrating at your place.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and your gils :)

    I think the layout is gorgeous (even if it didn't turn out quite as you'd imagined)Love the journalling and Bethany's awesome writing!

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  7. happy belated birthday to your little girl and did a fabulous job on this LO :D


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