Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Wonder Years

Little Moodles is in the midst of a growth spurt. Physically of course .... she's almost changing right before our eyes. But she's growing emotionally as well.

We've challenged her recently with a few things. Firstly with taking away her dummy. That one was a little hard! Just like with Munchy, we simply threw away her dummy one morning so she had to go cold-turkey. The first night was pretty tough work.

After crying for more than two hours she finally went to sleep. But not before Munchy had her own breakdown and begged us to give it back to her :-( But the next night was easier... and it only got better from there.

Once she conquered that challenge, the next step was to take away her cot sides so now she effectively sleeps in a bed. After only one night-time wander around the house she settled down and probably goes to bed easier now than before.

I'm so proud of my growing girl. Facing life head-on and overcoming :-)


  1. Awesome page Nati! Love the button rainbow and the sun...fantastic!

    Sheree xx

  2. What a beautiful page!! Adore your clouds and button rainbow. I remember the dummy struggle, my son ended up giving his to Santa as an exchange for xmas pressies lol =)

  3. Nati just a stunning page !!
    I love all the details the button rainbow and the sun are fantastic.
    You are so talented and inspired me.
    I wish a wonderful week.
    Kisses and huges

  4. really enjoying getting caught up on your blog Nati and this page just makes me smile :) so adorable and happy!!
    Aga xx


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