Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Golden Words

There was no doubt that my Munchy was ready for school. She had been counting down the days until she started since before Christmas. There were no tears for her as she left on the first day... she practically ran - she was so excited to begin.

And 6 months in, that still hasn't waned one little bit. Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge and eagerness to learn surprises even me (and I'm someone who has now been studying for the last 24 years!)

One of the first 'tests' she was up against was in her reading ability. Every child was given the same list of 25 'Golden Words' which apparently make up some percentage of basic English. And when the teacher has deemed that an individual child has learnt them sufficiently they get tested on them, earn a certificate and move on to the next level of 'Red Words' and so on...

As soon as Munchy saw other kids getting tested on them she was eager to prove she could be the next one. Without prompting she diligently studied them, sounded them out, got us to test her and before we knew it... she had passed! She proudly showed off her certificate to anyone who would look :-)

 And speaking of proud moments, I had my own recently when I was asked to be part of a feature on "The Best of the Web", a weekly roundup of inspirational blogs on the PocketChange Lifestyle Blog (they've got great tips on just about anything on the Tips Page for a start if you're wondering what they're about).

You can check out the feature here, or click on the icon above.


  1. Clever li'l cookie..and motivated, too!!! Love those circle-y shapes....glad you had the cup, wanted to look at 'em...really work well. Me like!!!!


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