Monday, October 8, 2012

The Story of My Porcelain Doll

Do you wanna know my favourite piece out of the kit I was sent from Scrapbook Kits With a Difference? Well it would have to be a coin-toss between the woodgrain chevron paper from Echo Park, or the Sewing Girl journal spot. So what better thing to do than combine both of those on a page together?!!

In fact, I think all my favourite things from the kit got used on this page. Because there was also the Maya Road envelope, those good-ol' Sassafras alphas and that gorgeous lace that also deserve a mention.

I'm sure I'm not the only Mum who gets all choked up when they watch their kids sleep. In fact, aren't those some of the best moments? I swear, it doesn't matter how bad they've been during the day, or how many tantrums they may have thrown... the minute they're asleep it's like they're the cutest thing ever, and all is instantly forgiven.

I remember when I first posted this photo on Instagram and someone commented on how my Moodles looked just like a porcelain doll. It's true - this is just about as perfect as she gets! Well perhaps not. Probably it's that moment where she throws her arms around me and says "I missed you today Mummy" and then plants a great big kiss and a lick on my cheek.

Oh how I love her :-)


  1. I agree 100%. When they are asleep, all is forgiven, it just melts your heart.
    Beautiful page!

  2. A beautiful layout Natalie, and your little one does look like a little doll. I think all mother's would agree with you about the sleeping baby thoughts, I've taken so many pics of my grandchildren sleeping.

  3. This is extremely cute! I love all the colors and your layering, perfect for that cute photo


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