Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Story of The Funny Things She Says

When I got the brief that this month we were going to be focusing on the cutting files that JBS have released (both through their kit club and at Jessica Sprague) I knew that this would suit me to a tee. I mean, I didn't even need the challenge, I've been using them on nearly all my projects anyway :-)

So instead I just tried to think of some novel ways to use them. Alright, so I kept the Whimsy Girl just as she is, and turned her into a cute little embellishment. But for the Stars Backdrop I first misted, then painted, then outlined, and then stuck the original stars right back in their proper position. If that was all a bit too brief and technical, there's a better description (and more pictures) when I posted this on the JBS blog here.

I'm really loving my stamps these days too. The Writer stamp was perfect for this layout about documenting the crazy things Moodles says. She tries really hard, but there's a few things she just doesn't get quite right. My favourite is when she walks around the house looking for her sister and calling out forlornly, "Bebesh, where you are?"

I've got another JBS cutting files project to share too, a cute lovey-dovey kind of card. It's also up on the JBS blog if you want to check it out ahead of time. Otherwise, I'll be sharing it here soon.....ish. I make no promises. I'm about to start 11 nights of night-shift. Straight. Wish me luck.



  1. Love, adore, delighting in your stars! And sounds like you'll be looking at them a fair poor thing. Hoping there's not too many thunderstorms! My l'il boy is busy sand blasting ships at night atm. Not sure which I'd rather be doing......good luck with snore shift:):):)

  2. Fun and happy! Stars are awesome! :-)

  3. Fabulous. Toddlers say the cutest things- it's a fantastic way you have documented this.

  4. Fabulous. Toddlers say the cutest things- it's a fantastic way you have documented this.


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