Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Story of Her First Year

As we wrapped up 2012 I couldn't help but go over all the memories we created, all the achievements we accomplished, all the milestones racked up (.... all the photos I've got left to scrap!)

One of the big events was Munchy's first year at school. Which of course included Munchy's first set of school photos. Man, I don't know how you long-term parents do it, do you actually scrap these photos year after year? I mean, let's be honest, has anyone ever had fabulous school photos to scrap? What do you do with all of these?!

I love my little girl and I think she's gorgeous. But she's never going to be at her best at the end of a school day when her hair is all messed up and she's captured half way through a silly practice grin :-) And trying to use a combination of navy and orange has never really been on my 'must try' list! 

However, I'm glad that I turned both her head-shot and her class photo (which came in this folder arrangement) into a layout, because I'm not sure I'd go back to look them up an aweful lot if they were just in a regular photo album. On the other hand, I've still got plenty of spares should the need arise. Why is it that you can never buy less than about 10 copies of the same photo?!!

She's counting down the days until she goes back to school. Here's hoping for a better Grade 1 shot :-)



  1. I have 3 kids at school now, so the last lot of school photos, I just ordered the class photo. That way they still end up with a photo of themselves at school and a bonus of all their classmates. A lot cheaper and less photos to scrap :-).

  2. Confession, my son starts year 4 this year and I have never purchased the school photos, for all of the reasons you stated. That and I am not too big of a fan of posed, military like photos.

  3. I've got em all....could never find enough rellies to offload em all too, either...but I'm glad I got them! If only to show how the hair styles of the boys changed over time!!!! Hope you had a time away...LOVE how you've used the school 'sign'....looks great:):)

  4. This layout is gorgeous and its great to see the changes over the years, I've scrapped four of my grandchildrens' pages this year and my grandaughter hates hers because of her hair colour, she's a teen, need I say more?


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