Monday, January 5, 2015

My very-late and not-quite a December Daily

Oh yeah, I'm well aware of what year it is! But the honest truth is I've only just finished my 2013 December Daily and rather than feeling ashamed that it's taken this long, I'm rather chuffed that it's actually done. Late and done is better than not finished at all in my opinion ;-)

So forgive me whilst I share what I've accomplished!

Filled with plenty of photos, heaps of kid-art (I let the kids draw a picture whenever they felt inclined), a truck-load of ephemera from the season (tags from presents and Christmas cards galore) and decorated with whatever I had at hand (lots of Kellie Stamps and Studio Calico). I made sure to document the story thoroughly as I went along too.

Do you want to know what the most ironic thing is?
It might have taken me a year to finish this album, but doing so inspired me to get my 2014 album done at the same time and I can confirm that one's pretty much done as well! I've taken a completely different approach and it was much easier. Lesson learned!

I'll share that one soon ;-)



  1. It looks really fabulous - that is a LOT of work & journaling going on there......but I bet it feels to good to conquer it...& what a fab idea doing 2014 alongside it....clever cookie!!!! Rocking it! Looking forward to seeing the latest so I can see what you've done differently:):)

  2. I absolutely love your DD! It's brilliant! Congrats on completing it! :)


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