Friday, February 6, 2015

The Story of the First Day of Prep

Wasn't it only just a week or so ago I was spouting my resolution to stick to my Handbook for any of my Project Life adventures this year? Yes, yes I think it was ;-)

And then this happened....

So I'm pretty sure I was talking about how the larger 12x12" size of Project Life freaked me out. You know, there's just soooo much space to fill. And that's usually too much space for just one story (which is the way I tackle my Handbook currently). But when I sat down to start documenting this story I just knew I would have way too much to say about it for a 6x8" spread.

Not by the time you take into account the 4 photos I wanted to include, plus some pretties, as well as the story. So after playing around with it for an hour or so the genius idea finally occured to me that I should just take it over to a 12x12" spread.

And honestly, this page then came together quickly and I enjoyed the process so much! Granted it was made way easier by the fact that I subscribe to the Studio Calico PL Kits and by using the January Far Far Away Kit I didn't even need to think about things. I just slipped cards into pockets! I think it's safe to say that you're definitely going to see more of these from me this year. I'm still contemplating how I tackle it exactly. I still don't think I can commit to the idea of doing it traditionally with a spread a week, but I also know that I have lots of little stories I want to get down, and they certainly won't all have a whole page to themselves. So I'm thinking my process might be somewhere in the middle where I just fill in a different amount of pockets for each story as I go along, and when a page is full then it's done!

Meanwhile, I don't think I could have started my 2015 Project Life adventure with any better story! What a big year this is going to be for Moriah as she started Prep last week. As you can see it wasn't all excitement and smiles, especially not in the morning as she nervously prepared. There was certainly a tear or two and it was really difficult to leave her there, although I knew that it would only take a few moments after I was gone before she settled in.

I was right of course. By the time I picked her up at the end of the day she proclaimed, "I don't like school Mum.... I LOVE it!!" So here we go! 2015.. Adventure Awaits!



  1. Oh, it's nice to see a story with a [so far!!!] happy ending. That picture of her with the lip dropped is PRICELESS!!!! I shouldn't be so callous.....but anyways, it certainly is the start of another era......enjoy MORE scrappy time than ever before....well, for a month or so, anyways;) !!!


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