Monday, July 20, 2015

Bethany's March and April pages

Despite early March being when Judah was born we still had a busy month with each of the girls as well, so there was plenty to fill their pages with.

I'd been hoarding the Studio Calico "My brain" card for a while now - it's totally awesome and I was tempted to save it forever, but I think it's even more awesome to actually get it into an album! The sentiment kinda fits the whole theme of the page, as I said, we were pretty busy in March. But it's really the rainbow colour scheme that drew me in for using it here.

The centre photos and the top right journaling pocket is all about Bethany's performances on Harmony Day which is a celebration of our multi-culturalism so the day was bright and fun. All the kids were encouraged to dress in their national costumes if they had one. Bethany decided she would dress in red, white and blue (the colours of our Australian flag) to represent her heritage and she had a speaking role in her class performance, as well as singing in the choir.

Another card I managed to slip in here was the collaborative one a few of us put together during a scrap date (that's what the Trophy Husband calls them). It was a fun exercise where we took a plain white card and added our own little touch before passing it to the next person to add something. 

For Bethany's April page I decided to try and use up lots of my Autumn cards as I'm making an effort to put the seasonal and themed cards in my collection to their proper use.

I made the title card from one of my 6x6" paper pads which is something I probably need to do more of as I have more than a few of them in my stash!

So I matched the book cards with the photo of her reading, printed out a small version of The Lion King poster to use next to the photo of them going to the performance, and used the Autumny journaling cards to record the story, even though it doesn't really have anything to do with Autumn ;-)

Feel free to ask any questions about my supplies or methods or photos if you're curious.


  1. Looking fabulous....loved hearing how you went about using what cards and for what reason...... really great PL!!!


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