Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jot Kids Lego Challenge part 1

The girls have always loved getting involved with the Jot Kids challenges that are posted on the school holidays. And now that this year I'm a Jot Girl they've been privy to the inside info about what it's going to be, and are invited to take part like designers. They may have both squealed and done a little happy dance before knuckling down to create some pages!
The challenge for these holidays has been to use the Mood Board to spark some creative play with Lego, and then make a page about the experience too.

It was perfect timing for us as Moriah had already spent the last week working on her huge (17 pages worth of instructions) Lego Friends cafe before we even knew about the Jot Kids challenge. So it was obvious what she was going to scrap!

And here she is with her finished page. We stuck with the primary colours despite her Lego house being pink, but I think it works just the same. I let her loose with a couple of my old JBS kits which had all the right papers and she was able to quickly build up some layers like a pro!


  1. It works really well! Gorgeous photo of her [winks] & I must say, I'm liking the touch of the stars :):)


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