Monday, January 4, 2016

Jot Christmas projects

It was a super-busy month at Jot Magazine throughout December (isn't it for everyone?!) but we saw the release of our 'regular' Issue 12, as well as a special edition Christmas Gift book - which meant lots of beautiful projects getting shown off and it's quite possible you missed some of them in the hubbub.

Probably also because I forgot to share any of them here that doesn't help right?! ;-)

Some of us Jot Girls were lucky enough to be given a bunch of Stampin' Up Hello December goodies to play with and to share in the magazine. The Hello December collection is Christmas-themed and it's actually released in conjunction with Project Life, so it's a series of PL cards along with coordinating embellishments and a stamp set of course ;-)

We were given the supplies way back in October I think it was, and since I had already scrapped all my Christmas photos from the year before (gasp!!) I went with some non-photo projects instead. I did the two greeting cards above a little 3D. The gold deer was a favourite so I created a little scene around her, and the star became a shaker-card. Absolutely everything you see here is from the collection. Not a single thing added except for the cardstock for the card itself.

And then I turned some of the 3x4" Project Life cards into present labels or filler cards or tags or whatever you want to use them for!

I started off thinking I would make 3 - that's a respectable number to call it a series, and if I were to use them in a PL spread later on then 3 is probably all I would need. But I was so inspired by each new card I picked up and how I could embellish it further that 3 turned into 4 and then 5 and before I knew it I had made 7!

I ended up using them as gift tags on my presents this year. I purposely made sure I had left room on each of them to write the recipient's name.

And speaking of presents, I also created some gift boxes to feature in the magazine as well. These aren't made with the Stampin' Up goodies, but rather they're made with a lot of upcycled products and packaging I had lying around my craft room!

You might recognise those boxes as what you used to receive your Project Life kits in from Studio Calico (before they changed to the plastic zipper bags). The crepe paper ruffled ribbon was made from leftover streamers from Bethany's rainbow party!

I embellished with more Project Life cards and other Christmassy things from my big box of holiday supplies and made them as bright as can be. And yes, I really did use all 4 of them to give away Christmas gifts in too, so not only pretty, but highly practical too.

There's still time to pick up the Jot Magazine Christmas Gift book here
And you can download Issue 12 for FREE here.



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