Thursday, May 25, 2017

More melonisation

So remember how I was telling you about the awesome #melontierchen challenge on Instagram, and I shared the first attempt at a tag I made, but I thought it was too subtle? Well, I remedied that by having another go, and this time 'doing it right'!! 

You see, the idea is to colour an image to look like a watermelon, and there are of course, variations on that theme. But clearly the mainstay is going to be one section is red with seeds, and the other section is green, perhaps stripy green.
I am totally in love with this cute concept!!

Plus, I also had the new-release Neat and Tangled stamps in my hands finally, and that unicorn from the Magical Day set was just begging to be melonised!

But what's even funner than melonising your favourite images? When your kids want to join in the fun too! Both my girls took part in the challenge last time it was on, and both couldn't wait to give it a go this time around as well. They each had very specific ideas in mind about what they wanted to colour, and strict instructions on what I needed to make their images into!

First up was Moriah (she's 7) who wanted to colour a giant flower. The Sunflower set from Krumspring was perfect for the occasion because of it's large central area, as well as the many many petals, and she painted it with liquid watercolours.... without the water ;-)

Then she told me it had to be made into some sort of shaker card with lots of sequins, and so we collaborated together to come up with this tag.

Then Bethany (she's 10) jumped on the melonising band-wagon as well, and she requested the cute squirrels from the Neat and Tangled 'My Favourite Nut' stamp set. She wanted to try a few different combinations of colours to figure out which worked best, and I love that she's used an ombre approach to both her red and green colours!

Being the avid reader that she is, she requested I make her squirrels into bookmarks. Since I had made a shaker tag for Moriah I went with a similar idea and filled the bottom of her bookmarks with a little vellum pocket full of glitter. Granted, the vellum makes it look like coloured sand... but the thought was there!

Why not try melonising something yourself?



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