Friday, January 14, 2011

Ce-ce and Putza

No I haven't started learning another language, and I'm not referring to some international friends. Ce-Ce and Putza is what Munchy calls her imaginary friends.

She certainly has a wild imagination. Yesterday she even opened up the Street Directory and pointed out where they lived! But it's not like she talks to them or 'plays' with them.... she just talks about them. Usually it's to blame them for telling her to do something naughty, so I guess they serve their purpose :-)

As the journalling says... I've got no idea where she came up with these names. They're not people we know, or off any TV shows I've seen her watch. And she remains consistent in calling them by these names. And is it strange that she's got two imaginary friends?

I kept my layout very bright and whimsical to match the theme of what I was scrapping about. This layout is inspired by the digital page "Wild Hair" by JulietJoy although hers is quite a bit more subdued using some lovely neutral tones compared to this!

Check out the super-fantastic American Crafts tape that I used to create the rainbow. I need to use this more often! And Tim's tags have inspired me to use my stamps more - I do have a whole draw full and they rarely see the light of day. You can just see a little sneak of the stamped flourishes coming out behind the photo.

And some random scattering of the 7 Gypsies rub-ons that came in one of my Studio Calico kits.  

What do you think? Fun, hey?! I've got this up on my wall at the moment because I like looking at it so much *LOL*


  1. Fabulous rainbow!
    My daughter has an imaginary friend called "Jo-Jo". Jo-jo's whole family is called "Jo-Jo"too. Apparently they died in the microwave but someone came back...mmm. Amazing imaginations they have at this age!

  2. Gorgeous LO Natalie. Love the hanging hearts and rainbow. Your handwritting is stunning! Wish mine was so pretty.

  3. How truly gorgeous that she has imaginary friends.Take it from a teacher..imagination will serve her well at school! It will also help her writing.

    Love this beautiful whimsical layout. Love the colours you have used. The match the whole theme well. Hope you are having a nice day..xoxox Nadia.

    P.S. thanks heaps for all the lovely comments on my blog. I am honoured that you are following me!

  4. This is so fun Natalie - I don't even know where to start. That rainbox of mix tape is blowing my mind!
    What lucky girls you have - to have a mom who makes these wonderful, whimsical pages about their lives. What a gorgeous page!!


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