Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Things

Firstly, congratulations to those speedy blurkers who managed to be the first to put their names down and score some handmade goodies from me. Could the following five ladies please shoot me an email with thier postal address so that at some point soon I can get that out to you?

Anita S

In other scrappy news: I found this photo of myself when I'm less than 2 weeks old, snuggled up in my Daddy's arms. Ignorant of the world around me, and all the things that were happening at the time. Those things surely didn't matter to me at all. But I thought it would be fun to record them.

The first window of journaling is all about how and when and where I arrived into the world.The specifics of who delivered me, what time and what day it was, that kind of thing.

And the second window is filled with interesting things that were happening in Victoria and Australia at the same time. The date 18-11-81 isn't my birthday, it's when the photo was taken (a fact I had to make clear when The Man asked me if I was confused as to the date I was born - but hey, at least he knows when my birthday is)

And I thought the title was pretty clever.You know, because I've recorded a lot of little facts, but none of them really matter. What mattered most to my Dad was that little bundle of cuteness..... me!! Especially since I'm the first-born. And what mattered most to me at the time was just the security of my Dad's arms I'm sure.

I used my favourite Studio Calico kit 'On the Easel' for this layout. I'm constantly surprised how many pages I've managed to make using this kit and the add-on I got, and I still seem to have so much left!


  1. Your layout is gorgeous Natalie and I so love your title! Great photo to 'find'. Love all the little frames too.
    Have a great weekend. :)

  2. Beautiful layout! I love the way you did your title!! :)

  3. I've nominated you for a stylish blogger award. Pop over to my blog if you'd like to pick it up.


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