Saturday, February 19, 2011

Long Distance

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When we moved house back in August, it was the first time for Munchy. Well, it was actually the second time for her, but the first was when she was only 8 months old so of course she doesn't remember.

She reacted very well actually. A mixture of excitement and caution, but mainly she was thrilled at the adventure of it all. On the other hand The Man was less than overjoyed at the prospect of moving to outer surburbia. From his point of view if you're going to live in a major city then you might as well live in the middle of the city/inner suburbs where all the action is, and that's what we had done for the 9 years or so.

Despite the fact that we still live in city of Melbourne, we are so far on the outskirts now that we see paddocks filled with cows, we had empty development sites next to our house (now quickly getting filled with new houses) and the freeway signs no longer say "To the City", they say "To Melbourne" !!

So it was most definitely The Man's influence and what Munchy had overheard him saying many MANY times that formed her own opinion on the matter. For about a month after we moved, whenever one of our friends or family asked her about her new house she always answered "now it's going to take you 35, 26, 59 minutes to come and see us"!

Hhhhmmmmm :-)


  1. An adorable page for what seems to be an adorable memory for you!

  2. I love all of your houses & details... What a funny story! (adorable pic too!!)

  3. LOVE the colours! It's great to quickly scrap the little things they say, I keep telling myself to write it all down so I remember it all for when I have the time to scrap it - but it doesn't always happen. (personally I like the idea of seeing cows - we're 10mins from Brisbane city and go to sleep to Ambulances roaring past and near-miss car crashes (Nothing like waiting for the bang) I'm jelly-eyed of your cows! ;)
    ps love the bubblegum ;)


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