Thursday, February 17, 2011

With the Girls I Love

Does anyone else have those moments where you go to "check up" on what's happening on your scrap table on your way to say, having a shower and getting dressed, and you step back an hour later and suddenly a new project has appeared?!

I swear that's how this door hanger was born :-) One minute I'm looking at the scraps of my Paper Crush collection, a Hambly transparency I'm in the process of cutting to pieces, and some embellishments I was given for Christmas, and the next time I looked it had morphed into this.

My mother-in-law regularly gives me copies of photos she has taken if it involves my girls on an occasion when I wasn't there. So I don't really know the story behind this photo but it must have been taken around Christmas. It fit just perfectly into this pink glittery (?Making Memories) frame.

And I think this will make a nice thank-you present to her. She's coming down to do some baby-sitting for me again this weekend whilst my husband is busy with Church activities but I'm still on night-duty and need to be sleeping during the day.

See the pink plastic mesh I've layered behind the whole card for a bit of extra texture and interest? Swiped that from a building site just down the road from me! We were on a family walk one night and I spotted it and knew immediately it would compliment the Paper Crush collection perfectly. Scraps of it were tied around lots of fence posts. I don't know why. Didn't seem to be serving any purpose, and I figured they wouldn't miss this piece! Crazy what you see with the eyes of a scrapper hey?

And yeah, this is the reality of what this photo shoot actually looked like when you see the full picture :-)

PS. Plenty of time to check out this month's GIVEAWAY!


  1. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! I just saw your entry to the MME contest. DAMN! It's absolutely adorable! Love the clouds!

  2. what a cool door the kids love it too

  3. Hehehe! I sure do know what you mean about being distracted. I am amazed at how this craft has affected me in that way. Well this looks so good. How clever with the mesh. I am so sure your MIL will appreciate it. Who wouldnt?

  4. what a great gift this is!!! and yes, I'm frequently distracted by shiny objects! ha! I love that you upcycled that mesh (that's the hot word now, heh?)
    This only took you an hour? you're amazing!

  5. that happens to me all the time - that's when the best projects happen! Like this one, so cute Natalie. I love your assitant in the photo shoot picture!


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