Monday, September 26, 2011

An ever fixed mark

Monday, Monday.... can't trust that day.
Sometimes it's just so hard to get back into the swing of work again on a Monday isn't it? Especially if you've had a wonderful weekend off, scrapping to your heart's content.

And perhaps in my case it's made even that little bit more difficult because my work life and scrappy love-affair are quite different from one another. One is very black-and-white and governed by rules whilst the other is all about creative expression.

So I tried to convey that very feeling onto this layout, directly inspired by this pin which I'm sure you've seen if you've been around Pinterest for long enough!

I filled the right hand side of my page with the lovely bold and bright colours of my Candy Shoppe kit from Studio Calico, and generally got messy splashing around some paint and ink. This of course, represents my artistic side, my right-brain dominant personality. The other side of my page was left monochrome and I stamped on some numbers to represent my left-brain dominating. Not too sure which half of the page should be bigger?

Tell me, there must be more of you science/maths/engineering/physics type out there in the scrappy world? How do you balance the two? Is there an overlap in how you approach the two, or are they quite separate entities?

More thoughts later..... perhaps...

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  1. Spectacular design and concept Nat love everything about this page, colours + Monchrome + creative + analytical you nailed it! xox

  2. Love your creative flair Nat! Don't ever stop. I guess you can see the doctor stuff as a means to fund your hobby. :)

  3. this is lovely! (love sense & sensiblity too..) congrats on being featured on MME!!! YAY!
    don't you think that the creativity balances the critical brain? :D


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