Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little Things

Who said October Afternoon's Rocket Age collection should be just for boy pages?! Here I've been able to take it totally out of context and not only use it for a girl page, but a girly Easter page!...... Not that you can tell of course. I don't usually do 'theme' pages, I just like to tell a story.

On my last visit to the farm I took with me my June Paper Moon kit from Studio Calico and whipped up this page purely with the kit contents. Thaat's why you can't even spot my signature stitching anywhere (which makes me quite paranoid about it all falling to pieces!)

I tried to go all Julie FF. Balzer on this and hand-painted my title. I love the look of messy handwriting in comparison to the straight lines of the October Afternoon mini-alphs. Must do this again :-)

Ever since we were kids ourselves we've had a tradition at Easter of an egg-hunt - which continued even when we became 'grown-ups'! We've got even more excuse to keep this up now that my girls are old enough to participate too. This year was Moodles first time where she could actually go looking for the eggs herself.

The photos are of her and Poppy egg-hunting together. I think they both had as good a time as each other :-)


  1. perusing your pages this morning and just wanting to tell you that YOU ROCK!

    blessings and thanks for all of the blog lovin' over the years


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