Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Story of an Overheard Prayer

I've fully embraced my cloud obsession on this layout.... Cloud paper? Yes please! And topped off with more cloud embellishments? Why not :-)

Does it get slightly confusing then that the layout is about a night-time prayer? You know - because clouds are really a sunny day time embellishment. I thought about that for a minute. Then I decided I didn't really care ;-)

So I caught Munchy praying this prayer one night..... "Dear God, thanks for helping me be pretty good today. Can you help me to be super-good tomorrow and not throw any tantrums?" HHheee hee heee! It made me giggle at first. But to be honest, on further contemplation I'm not really sure if I feel happy or sad about that.

On the one hand I'm pretty chuffed that at the age of 5 she's striving to better herself, and at least she's asking for help from the right people. But on the other hand I'm wondering if I'm placing too much pressure on her to conform and behave when she is just a child after all. Not that I condone bad behaviour and tantrums... ever. I just mean I want to make sure that my kids act like kids and enjoy themselves.

But I'm probably over-thinking it aren't I? LOL!

PS. I've just had to go and break up a screaming match in the bathroom over who gets to wash their hands first. I think I'm swinging back to the first option after all :-)



  1. LOVE that paper & the 'sun' on the bottom...& yes, you are overthinking it.... I ask God the same thing & I'm a big girl:):):)!!!!! Mind you, I don't throw THAT many tantrums [long as I get my own way I don't...heehheeehheee!!!]

  2. funny, I was holding the exact same paper in my hands a few minutes ago..saved it for later though :).. love your page!

  3. I love how you add journaling to your layouts! we forget sometmes what scrapbooking is all about but you don't! awesome LO

  4. is spectacular!
    I love this LO!
    you are a great artist
    kisses ^ ^

  5. sigh. i just love a good cloud layout. so sweet.

  6. Love the layering on this. I love clouds too! I wouldn't worry about the prayer - it's good she wants to improve, and I'm sure it won't stop her having fun! x

  7. I started following your blog some time ago, but it just magically showed up in my blog list two days ago. When I was looking back through some of your posts, I was glad that it did. I love the connection your scrapping shows with the kids in your life. Very heart warming to read through. thanks as always for sharing.

  8. Totally adorable Natalie - I love that cloud paper too - I have 4 sheets of it :)))
    Oh and I heard my 7 year old's prayers one evening recently. She said 'God bless mummy, daddy, my brothers and sisters and all my friends. Help me to be more tidy and not get caught when I push all my toys under the bed :))) Gotta laugh haven't you??

  9. this is beautiful!..I love clouds too and used some on a layout that mister huey too...looks like another one I'll have to get!

  10. Lovely page! And so sweet to hear that prayer. I may still say it myself n occasion...


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