Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Story of Hanging on for Dear Life

Last month I took part in the sketch challenge at Scrap Therapy (which I just so happened to have won!) so it really is time I shared this page here too.

The sketch was a little challenging for me, mainly because I don't often 'do' circles in my layouts. I'm pretty much strictly straight lines and sharp corners. And certainly I'm not into cutting any curved lines into my photos so I knew having a round photo was out of the question.

Once I figured out how to incorporate the circle element and still have the layout look like mine the rest was easy. There's no fancy circle-cutters in my house so I resorted to tracing around a dinner plate to get the size I wanted!

One of the first things I do when I approach as sketch is to figure out where I'm going to add my journaling if the sketch hasn't allowed room for it. This is essential for me, so I always have to adjust the sketch accordingly. For this one it meant clustering all my elements in the top left corner so there was space below it to write everything I needed to say. Despite how much importance I place on journaling I often don't know what I'm going to say before the pen is in my hand!

On this occasion I took my cue from the photo. It's pretty cute right? But what you don't see ('cos I cropped it out of the photo) is that she's actually stuck up on top of the playground and can't get down. That's the face of pure terror! Ummmmm yes, I stopped to take a photo first ;-) So I wrote about how it's ok to be scared sometimes, and that circumstances aren't always going to go according to plan but that some things will remain forever stable like her family's love.



  1. So beautiful, love everything about this!

  2. I really love how you have incorporated the circle element in your design and stayed true to your own style. Gorgeous work Natalie.

  3. You clever you!!! I always forget to think where I'm gonna put either my title or journaling...thus, my pages are rather 'organic' in approach. Another word might be chaotic!!! Yours, however, looks perfect & well deserving of your win:):):) LOVE those hexs, too:):)))

  4. I don't have enough adjectives when it comes to you work! Love.


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