Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Story of My Happy Place

Time to check out my 'take 2' of trying to create an interesting and unique background.

I really like playing with the messy side of scrapbooking and it was my initial thought to create a mixed-media background. I have quite a large collection of paints and mists and inks and I think it's a little strange if I have a layout that doesn't include some kind of wet medium. But I also think my inner control-freak comes out when it starts to look a little crazy. There's a fine line between 'arty' and 'chaotic' in my opinion ;-)

Ironically, I also have trouble knowing when to stop! When I started this background I added the gesso. Then the watercolours. Then the stamping. Then the stencilling..... hhhmmmmm.... 
Unfortunately when it came time to adding all my linear layers of paper most of it got covered up. Doh! I like that there's now only little hints of it peeking out behind the paper from an aesthetic point of view. But as far as it being a layout to highlight an interesting background I'm not sure it fits the bill.

Lots of Dear Lizzy and Studio Calico goodies, and some fabulous Evalicious badge buttons on this layout featuring another pool-side snap. I think this photo captured that moment when you're on holidays and you ask yourself if it would be possible to stay there forever. I'm sure we all do that don't we?!

There's always many reasons to want to stay put, but I guess after a while we'd miss home too. Although with all the frosty mornings we're having lately it sure makes me long for the sunshine. The grass is always greener hey?



  1. Well I am enjoying seeing your creations but I understand why you said no to this one if you can't see most of the work you put into the background. However, this is another beautiful creations.

  2. Beautiful layout! Love the title work!

  3. another fabulous LO! And I love the little sneaks of mixed media back ground peeking through!

  4. Happens to me all the time... Keep forgetting that I have to use photos!!! This looks great... & personally I don't think it's possible to have too much mm:):)

  5. Love the effect of your background just poking out around the edges, even if it wasn't planned that way.

  6. Oh wow, Natalie! I love the feel of this layout! And the background looks stunning peeking out like that! :)

  7. Gorgeous photo and I'm loving the little peeks of your arty background showing through!!!


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