Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Story of My Last Hurrah

Sadly my time at Flourish With a Bling came to an end at the beginning of the month. It's been a great year with them and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work for some of the nicest girls in the industry. As a last hurrah we were asked to make a layout all about ourselves!

To be honest, I don't actually find that sort of thing hard. I know some people struggle with it, but I just use it as an opportunity to make a sort of "dear diary" page. I knew it was going to incorporate a lot of (quite personal) journaling but I guess I don't shy away from that sort of thing either ;-)

As far as the construction of the page is concerned I wanted it to be true to my style with lots of linear layers, and a big emphasis on the FWABulous bling. I've used the latest JBS collection "Modern Mercantile" which in it's entirety has quite a Springy vibe with its greens, yellows and browns. But by choosing out the neutrals and blues I've taken it in quite a different direction. I've thrown on some Evalicious tags for good measure too.

If you're interested in the journaling you can click on the photos for a bigger image if you want to read it. In a nutshell though, it tells the story of the journey I've been on recently as I contemplate whether or not I truly want to be a doctor for the rest of my life. I've never really doubted it before, in fact it's something that I've known God was calling me to do since I was about 16. But I guess the reality of working so many crazy hours, the stress, the ongoing study, the recent exams is enough to just make me take a second look.

I don't know if I know the answer that will apply for the rest of my life. But for right now I know that it's still something I'm destined to do. I get reminded of it every time I have the opportunity to witness a new life being brought into the world. What a privileged position I have to regularly share couples life-changing moments and be the first human hands to touch a newborn. I'm not sure that I will ever tire of that :-)




  1. crossroads... we always have to be in it. whatever you do, just follow your heart... and be happy with anything you choose! love this layout. and that blue swirl is just so beautiful!


  2. Awesome page and story, enjoyed reading it.

  3. Beautiful layout!! Love the addition of the stars and the pearls at the top! :) Evie

  4. Your layout is beautiful as always :) Love the pearls on the stars... and well, pray and contemplate on your job decision and know that what God impose in your heart is what you are called to do :) Hugs

  5. Gee that year has gone in a FLASH!!! Your page really makes the FWAB 'shine', too [sorry, poor pun...]....& I will have a look at your journaling later on the ipad which brings it up nice & close cos I'm a reader & a sticky beak!!!! I think life is full of different seasons - Ecclesiastes - & we've just gotta be sensitive to the one that God wants us in! It's just working that out, eh???!!! Sounds like you're pretty sure where you ought to be atm, though:):):)

  6. I love your layouts and the way your write LOTS, always read the stories you write. I am not that good in journaling and every time I stop by at your blog I tell myself I need to write more on my layouts. you do it so well! Hugs, Sanna


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