Friday, November 15, 2013

The Story of the Busy Christmas

Did you know Jennifer also has 4 challenges going on (with fabulous prizes involved!) as part of her Frosty Festivities? Be quick though because they close on the 17th ;-)

I've been able to whip up this card for the "Embrace the Busy" challenge which is all about creating something with a busy photo, or busy patterned papers, or lots of busy embellishments. I'm personally a bit prone to the crafting symptom of not knowing when to stop so I figured this was the challenge for me! If I'm not quite happy with how something is looking I just keep on adding things hoping that will solve the problem. I very rarely ever take anything away ;-)

And that's what happened here. I began with a basic design of a couple of Evalicious tags over some lovely October Afternoon paper. That was obviously not going to be enough.
So I added the stamped sentiment (which is from Evalicious' new Dear Santa stamp set) and that was ok, but it still needed more. And that's where is started to go pear-shaped.
You see, I also tried to stamp onto the red tag but it was the wrong colour and it didn't stamp properly anyway. So I covered it up with the blue paper and stuck the birds over it to try and hide it all!!

Then came the snowflakes just because they were left-over from my last Christmas project. And the pearls and rhinestones to finish it all off because all cards need a bit of bling surely?!

So yeah... I think this card qualifies for the challenge "Embrace the Busy" don't you?



  1. That is darling! I, too, have problems of knowing when to stop with the embellies....comes with the crafty territory, I guess!

  2. LOVE this card!!! it is the perfect amount of busy!! :)

  3. You had me LOLing about this....I've lost count the number of times I think I'll just add a sentiment...& it doesn't work, so I have to cover it up!!!!! Anyway, don't they say being busy is good????!!!!!!!!

  4. You can also add it to embrace the beautiful.. It looks wonderful.. love the birdies!

  5. I can't stop adding things to my projects too, so I know what you mean :) !. I LOVE this card, as far as I'm concerned it's totally perfect!!! Pinning it!

  6. I loved this card when I saw it on IG. The layers and detail are gorgeous x

  7. What a fabulous use of colour, pattern and images! Fantastic card!

  8. This is busy but so beautiful! I also tend to keep adding stuff until I'm happy! I love the gems in the snowflake centres, and those birds are so sweet! Thanks for joining in with the challenge! x


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