Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Story of Shaking Your Groove Thing

Sometimes you've just got to keep it real.

Even when it includes making challenge layouts that revolve around cute little tooshes!

I'm loving the Jot Mood Board challenge with it's vibrant magenta and gold contrasting against the cream and white space. With these bold colours on a layout I knew I was going to have to be careful about my photo choice so that it didn't clash. I have to admit, I'm normally someone who chooses what papers they want to work with first, but on this occasion I started my layout by choosing my photos.

I picked this series of photos I took of the divine Miss M because of the skirt she's wearing (I thought it would match the magenta). First she posed for me, then she proceeded to tuck her wand into her 'pocket' so she could dance. It was the dancing that did it though because before I knew it she was turning her back on me and shaking her bottom in time to her song. She likes to bend over a bit for dramatic effect ;-)

In fact, she even has a little song that goes with this particular dance. It's very sophisticated and really just repeats the line "shake your bum-bum, shake your bum-bum" as she does her little wiggle. She knows she's being a bit rude so she tries to put on a funny voice (which granted... does make me giggle every single time) but which also has the effect of making her pronounce the word bum 'boom'. Now you understand both the title, and why I put a question mark under the cuteness sticker!

Because there were 4 photos in this series I thought about either including all of them spread out across my page or leaving some off altogether. I didn't really fancy either of those two options so I came up with a third. It involved turning them into a little mini-book of sorts and including the whole thing on my layout! I made each page out of vellum and included just a few embellishments so that when they were all stacked up on top of each other you could still catch a glimpse of what's underneath.

The other benefit that came with making a little mini-book was that it also gave me lots of room for journaling so I could try and explain these photos in a bit of depth without it taking over the whole page. I used every available space!

Yep, sometimes you've just got to keep it real.



  1. Yup, really like the 'mini' book idea & that's a FUNNY your bit 'o' lifts it up beautifully....& your girl is a SCREAM!!! Go the Boom Boom:):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is fabulous. and keeping the memories too is important.. love the mini book!

  3. The mini book is a great idea Natalie and your page is gorgeous! Thanks so much for playing along with the Jot challenge! :)


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