Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Story of Attempting Project Life!

Never in a million years! Never did I think I would actually ever bight the bullet and attempt a Project Life spread!

Now don't get me wrong.... I really love the concept. The idea of documenting the everyday stories is one that really appeals to me. It's a concept that I fully embrace in my scrapbooking layouts. But the reality of taking photos every day, jotting down notes, printing out photos and making weekly spreads is just not something that I can afford to do time-wise.

Or so I thought.

Because then along came Kim Archer and her fabulous class at Escape 2 Create and I found myself really enjoying this process of quickly slipping in pre-printed photos and ready-made journaling cards and adding just the bare minimum of embellishments. I guess it also helped that it was only a 6x12" spread, and I was using a kit .... but who doesn't have kits?! (And if you answered "me" to that question then I suggest you to first check out the available PL kits here!)

I didn't make my spread to encompass a whole week, rather it was just one event. But an event like a Fairy Princess Birthday Party (actually, it was Disney themed) automatically comes with a thousand photo opportunities, and therefore I had lots of photos to help tell the story. If I had made this into just a layout then I would either have to only use one or two, or make them really small. This way I got to include all the photos I loved from the afternoon.

When the thought occurred to me that I don't even have a Project Life album to put this into I was encouraged just to clip it into my regular scrapbook album. Genius! Who says you need to have a dedicated album? What I could see myself doing is making up a small spread every now and then and just including it in with the rest of my layouts. That seems reasonably do-able.

I will have to get better at photographing these though if I'm going to be doing it more often ;-)



  1. Brill! I love the flexibility of doing PL however it 'takes' you...I'm a once a month girl, but then for 'special events' will do a couple of pages...I reckon they're a FAB way of documenting life! These look great:):)

  2. Well this looks wonderful to me.. I have not gotten into the PL either probably because I think it is un-doable for me!! love this.. I am sure you will do more!

  3. looks fabulous...I'm not a scrapbooker or PL'er but I think you've inspired me to sit down and really try the PL for events, rather than everyday life....maybe it will work into everyday stuff. Thank you:)

  4. Tes filles sont trop craquantes!!

  5. Your photographs are just fine and the girls are such pretty young ladies!

  6. Glad to see you to the plunge into PL, but be careful you might just get hooked ;) Looks gorgeous and great to still see plenty of Nati flair!!!

  7. Awesome 'first' PL spread :) (and what a fun party! ) I like the idea of just slotting them into your already existing album, definitely makes it seem more manageable to do both regular pages and PL!


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