Monday, August 30, 2010

The State of Play

So I'm getting back into some scrappy time, and boy does it feel good!
Thanks once again to everyone who has left comments to wish me well as I'm continuing to make the transition back into full-time work. Things are getting easier as we all adjust to the new routine, and more and more boxes are getting unpacked everyday so it's starting to feel more like a home rather than 'the new house'.

Two things have made me particularly happy today:

1. I was able to whip up another page for my stint as Kontributing Kreator at Kreatorville Krafts, and it's just gone live on the blog.

Here's a little sneak:

I'll come back and give you a run-down on how I put this together another day.

2. One of my scrappy idols Kathy Link has showcased some of my work on her blog today as she does a focus on journaling. You only have to flick through some of my recent posts to know how much I value writing on my pages. In fact, I'd rather ruin the design of the page by including journaling than run the risk of forgetting the story in the future. I pretty much insist on writing/typing/whatever on every single page I do (well...... nearly!)


  1. Hello Natalie! Thanks so much for leaving me a comment! So sweet of you! If you don't mind, can I please have your address so I can send this card to you. Just a token of appreciation from me :)

  2. Love what I see, can't wait to see MORE!

  3. You just ROCK!!! Lots of times, though I have a hard time concentrating on your awesome work because I'm TOO busy ogling those gorgeous girls...would you bite them one time for me? And congrats on the well deserved feature! I COMPLETELY understand about the journaling because I feel the same way! Love you and take care of yourself!

  4. I love that your stories are as important to you as the art- they will always be such a treasure- because heaven knows, if you don't write it down it does fade!!!!


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