Sunday, August 1, 2010

Make the world a cuter place

What's the only thing better than a banner?

(that's a trick question)

The only thing better than a banner is adding another fun element alongside it...... the pinwheel!!
They seem made for one another. They just ooze fun and frivolity and whimsy, and were perfect for this layout I did for Scrapbooking from Scratch.

They're really easy to make too. Let me show you.....

Step 1: Cut a square from a scrap piece of paper. This one is approximately 2 x 2" You can choose to get all perfect and particular and measure it and cut it with your paper-trimmer, or you can choose to throw caution to the wind (aka. my style) and cut it freehand. It's very forgiving :-)

Step 2: Cut diagonally in from each corner towards the centre. But stop before you cut all the way across your paper (too easy to do let me assure you!!)

Step 3: You can't see in the picture but I've stuck a little square of double-sided tape in the centre to which all of my 'blades' will stick to. So all you do is fold one corner from every triangle in towards the middle and stick it down.

Step 4: Repeat with each corner. You'll need to secure the centre otherwise they'll start flicking back up again. A brad is the perfect solution for this.

See, I told you this was easy :-)

Step 5: You can choose to leave them just like it is in step 4 (plus a brad) or go the extra level and layer a smaller pinwheel on top before adding your brad like I've done in this example.

Either way I think they look fabulous and they added the right amount of extra texture and dimension to this layout. If you wanted to get really tricky you could pin them to your layout with the same brad so that they might even spin around like a proper pinwheel. I figure there won't be much spinning once this baby gets inside a plastic sleeve and stuck in an album :-)

Yes, that's my girl.... making the world cuter one smile at a time.

All the products in this layout (except the brads) were made with the July kit from Scrapbooking from Scratch. The papers are mainly Fancy Pants Wishful Thinking, with one My Mind's Eye paper thrown in for good measure. Beautiful Blush Foam Thickers and some ribbon.

Many thanks to Peta for having me as a Guest DT for Scrapbooking from Scratch in July. I had so much fun playing with this gorgeous kit and I really love the projects I was able to make from it. I ended up with three layouts and a mini-album which I think proves what fabulous value it is. All I've got left is about 2 inches of scrap paper and a couple of random stickers! I'd seriously think about picking up that last kit if I were you!


  1. Your LO is gorgeous and I so love that title, do you mind if I write it down to use later on??? And thank you so much for the pinwheel tutorial, I think it won't be long until you see one appearing on one of my LO's...
    Enjoy your weekend!
    xxx Peggy

  2. Another fabulous-o tutorial and an exceptional page to go along with it!

  3. both layouts this and the one below are just soo lovely, the design is just awesome and the soft colours complement the photos perfectly!

  4. The layout is absolutley beautiful and the tutorial for the pinwheel is the best one I have seen. I fussy cut a square and made one as I read the instructions. FABULOUS

    I love the banner on your layout ~ how did you do it?

  5. Gorgeous! And, love the pinwheels! Love to make them--so fun and easy!

  6. So cute! I am totally going to make some pinwheels now... you inspired me!

  7. This is just stunning! thanks for sharing how to make the cute little pinwheel.

  8. *giggle* I KNEW it would be a matter of moments before there was a pinwheel found on one of your masterpieces!!! :D
    This is delightful- and you know how I feel about the bunting!


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