Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Isn't it funny how sometimes the layouts that you're really happy with don't seem to get the response from others that you think they deserve, and yet other times you're not sure about one and everyone praises it?!!

That's what happened to me with this layout. This was my fourth layout from the Sassafras Mix and Mend collection that I was sent from Handmade by Suzanne so I was getting a little low on supplies and ideas. Luckily for me I had the fantastic October sketch in front of me (designed by Michelle Fowler) so that was part of the solution. But it still took a while to put it all together in a way that I was happy with, and I just wasn't totally convinced in the end. And still, it's received nothing but high praise in the Gallery. Funny isn't it?!

Once again I've journalled about my Munchy's obsession with picking flowers. Any flower, any where... if she sees it, she will pick it. She doesn't discriminate between weeds in the gutter, the only camillia on the tree, all the strawberry blossoms on the plant, her garden or someone else's garden!

I do like layering my embellishments! The sketch really called for some long and curly ribbon and lucky for me Suzanne had included some gorgeous satin ribbon in my kit which was just perfect :-)

Why don't you have a go at the sketch challenge yourself and maybe win a generous voucher to the Handmade by Suzanne store? Plus there's a big sale on at the moment so you could make your winnings go even further than you imagine!

Oh yeah....

I couldn't be more stoked about THIS!!!! Yay!! Go and check it out and maybe win yourself some brand new Sassafras products!!


  1. I ponder that all the time Natalie - especially with the pubs - I have not figured out the formula yet but I do know I am not the best judge of my work, apparently.

    This is a gorgeous! The level of detail on your pages is astounding. So glad you were honored by the Sassafrass 'mothership' - that is awesome!!

  2. Gorgeous page - great attention to the little details. Don't take lack of feedback personally, I have that happen all the time too... you have to just share because you want to and think about all the projects you see that you don't respond too. Right?

  3. I totally loved all the pages you created using the sassy goodness!! Congrats on the mentioned too, you must be over the moon hun!!! xo

  4. Hooray! Love that Sassafrass mentioned your deserving work! So excited for that! I honestly am inspired by every piece that you've made but I can relate your predicament to my own cards, one I like people don't comment much on and ones I don't really care for I get lots of comments! Go figure, there just must be tons of nice people in this world!

  5. I saw your pages on the Sassafras Blog & was so excited! :) WTG!

  6. This is one awesome page!!!!!!!!!

    And I know exactly what you mean too!!!!!! :D


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