Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Story of the Gourmet Farmer

The FWAB Blog Hop is still going on here.

I've never been overly fond of colour challenges in the past. Mainly I think because colour coordinating has never been my strong point. But then I realised that's the very reason why I decided to make improving my colour choices a scrappy resolution this year. Don't avoid your weaknesses.... work on them!

One of the best places to go for a colour challenge is my old stomping ground "Scrap Friends". They always have the yummiest inspiration pieces (pun intended!) which is doubly fabulous when your scrapping topic is about food too!! This is the latest challenge:

If I'm working on something new like colour choices then I'm gonna have to stick to my tried and true style though. Nothing too adventurous here.. just my good ol' linear layers!

And of course, it's got to have a good story to tell. This is the story of how The Man keeps on watching those shows like 'Gourmet Farmer' and 'River Cottage' and getting all inspired to grow a vegetable patch. He went through with it too, which is fabulous.

What's not quite so fabulous is our soil. Despite turning it, mulching it, watering it... our ground is still so solid that the carrots turned around in a circle and grew back into themselves like a snail!! Unfortunately you can't even say 'but at least they taste good' because I'm not too sure that's true either ;-)

He's not one to turn away from failure either, so he's trying again. More turning, mulching, watering but this time with leeks and tomatoes. Stay tuned for the next installment I guess...



  1. Wow this is gorgous. I love this color combo and each and everyone of your details is just perfect.

    Very inspiring.

  2. another gorgeous your linear layers. I have been meaning to have a go at these colour challenges as colour is something I need to concentrate on. On the garden front...the soil is very rocky where we live and I can relate to the curvy carrots lol. Our solution was to buy a couple of raised garden beds and a load of soil. fabulous!

  3. Wonderful work...really fun to look at and a wonderful use of the products and bling!

  4. Sooo we have 2 parents who 'work on their weaknesses' & don't give up!! V good role models going on there, I must say!! Alongside a fabulous've rocked the colours [would expect nothing less:):)] & I LOVE your style - specially the big title. YUM!! Oh, & we have SANDY soil & DH can't grow carrots here, either - but leeks, yup, any leafy silverbeet, bok choys etc are fab & tomatoes til I refused them entry into the house over summer!!!! Tell him good luck, & he'll work it out if he keeps at those tv shows, too:):):)

  5. Totally awesome...I love everything about it! thanks for playing at SF!

  6. Natalie this is truly amazing!!! I think your color choices are perfect!! I don't spot any weakness!!xx


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