Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Story of the KISS cards

Munchy has such a generous spirit. And she has quite the creative streak too. What that means is that her automatic gift for everyone for every occasion is to 'make something'. And when she can't make it herself she expects me to have a ready stash of cards to give out for a multitude of different occasions.

So when one night before bed she says she needs a card for two friends who were expected to be returning back to school the next day (one after being sick, and the other after coming home from overseas) I knew I needed to come up with something quick and simple.

Lucky for me 6-year-olds aren't yet worried about perfect stamping or the latest embellishments, and these fun and colourful (almost childish) cards did the trick. I tell you what sealed the deal though.... it was the extravagant use of bling! It works every time!

I say 'extravagant' but because the FWAB Adhesive Pearls come in a pack of 100 for only $2.50 I've hardly broken the bank.... and I heard the kids absolutely loved them ;-)



  1. These are just lovely as is your little one for being so thoughtful.


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