Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Story of Freezing This Moment

I've still got a couple of layouts that I haven't shared yet that I made in the lead up to my final entry into this year's Masters competition.

I'm not sure why the layout with a 5x7" photo challenged me so much. A year or two ago I used to scrap with this size quite commonly. But perhaps I've grown accustomed to using my smaller 4x4" or even 3x3" Instagram shots because suddenly I felt lost with what to do with a page where the photo takes up so much space.

The challenge specifically asks for a page using a 5x7" print that's engaging and with eye-contact. I have to admit even finding suitable photos was slightly difficult in itself. I take most of my photos with my phone these days, but those won't convert into fabulous quality large prints so I had to go back through my old files to find something taken with my proper camera. And then there weren't many candidates that had eye-contact as most of my photos are 'caught-in-the-act' shots rather than staged ones.

But I ended up printing out a few different ones with no real plan in mind of how to approach the page. Black and white seemed like a good option, and I added some digital elements to them for a little more interest. I stuck with quite a simple design of squares and circles, and whilst I like how it's turned out it doesn't seem like it's a true representation of my normal style so I shelved it and started again. Obviously I can't share with you the page I made next as I chose to enter it instead, but lets just say it's more recognisable as being mine ;-)

This one is called 'Freeze This Moment' which was taken from the Ali Edwards digital stamp on the photo. But in the journaling I question whether or not I would actually want time to stand still if I had the option. Whilst it would be nice to keep my girls at this age forever, sweet and innocent as they are, I can't help but be more curious about what their amazing future holds. So no, I don't think I would want to freeze this moment.



  1. Oh, man... LOOOVe this one...those circles & the hands reaching out in the photo.....clever 'mimicking' the bg paper with the blue sky, too...really, really nice...if this is a 'trial' run, can only imagine the FAB scrapping of the 'real' one:):)!!!!!!!!!

  2. She looks like you in this photo. You are a master!

  3. well this layout is awesome! so wonder what your other entry looks like.
    I get stumped on 5x7 pics too. who prints that size these days???? fingers crossed for your masters entry. the prizes are amazing!!!!

  4. What a great page. Nice that you pondered such a topic in your journalling.


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