Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Story of Great Expectations

Did I just throw a whole bunch of supplies onto a page to create this page? Why, yes I did!

I have a lot of trouble actually 'killing' a kit because in my definition it does actually mean using up everything. Or at least using up all the large chunks of paper and making a big dent in every packet of embellishment and alphas that you received. I find it easy to make the first couple of pages where you're able to carefully pick and choose what will coordinate together, but when it comes to using up the last pieces it becomes a little more tricky for me.

Ultimately, I'm not 100% sure all these elements work well together on the one page. It feels a little bit like 'product vomit' but guess what? I sure killed that kit!! I'm not entirely unhappy with how it turned out, and I think every layout gives me a chance to learn something different. Here I learned that I like blue, white, yellow and kraft as a colour scheme, so I might try that again for some beachy photos in the future.

And even more importantly, I still scrapped an important story in our lives. Here I'm documenting some of my daughters personality traits and characteristics through a simple example. The story goes that she's been learning about what 'tempt' and 'temptation' means in her kids group at church. And when she's come home she wants to actually apply it to her life, so she's emptied out her bedroom of all books. You see, she finds one of her greatest 'temptations' is to read books when she's been put to bed and the lights are out.

The story says so much about my little girl. She's strong-willed and disciplined. She's willing to learn and grow and self-improve. And the fact that she thinks one of her biggest faults is her love of reading.... well I'll take that any day!!



  1. This is a gorgeous layout, Natalie! I think you are too hard on yourself!! :D

  2. I really really REALLY like those big chevrons at the bottom...& that's why I'm not so keen on buying kits, to be honest - I'd feel guilty if I didn't use 'em all good on you! And yep, a DD with THAT problem [reading after lights out]...well, that's not so bad!!! I did exactly the same as a kid...luckily my bed was by the window, so in summer, I'd just open the curtain a little.....


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