Monday, May 26, 2014

3 Mothers Day Cards in a Hurry

So in the excitement of my Studio Calico Hello Hello kits arriving, and the new South of Market collection (wooo hoooo!) and the creative tornado that my house has been since then... I totally forgot to post my Mother's Day cards! Whoopps!

In all honesty, these were crafted at the very last minute. Sooo last minute that I had to rely on The Man to take the photographs before he posted them off whilst I went to work. Not a bad job really... I think he's learning a trick or two! Maybe I should put him in charge of these things more often?

So what to do when you're needing to craft up some cards in a hurry? Slosh on some paint, splash some mist and then layer them up with bits and pieces of paper scraps. At least, that's what I did :-)

What made me totally laugh out loud was when I later saw this feature on the Jot Magazine blog. I'd like to consider this a case of "great minds think alike"... because it feels like Kim Archer was thinking the exact same way when she put together her Mother's Day cards in a rush too! Even down to the similar details of using spare PL cards and some Maggie Holmes papers!

What other tricks have you got for when you need to create something in a hurry?
Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day?



  1. They look amazing....& this is pretty much what I do in a hurry, too.....& great minds think alike....I'm not sure if you can call me lucky, but I only have to make one it's always a special one:):) apparently mum has made a LO with it this year!!!!!

  2. Oh that's soooo cool that she would do that!

  3. Love these!

    haha.. when I am in a rush, they look like these too :D

  4. What awesome cards Nat.. Loving the three different colour schemes :)

  5. These are absolutely AWESOME!


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