Friday, May 9, 2014

The Story of the Awesome Supporter

Oh it's been such a long long time since I had the time to participate in an online bloggy challenge. I love these for prompting my creativity and forcing me to try new techniques and designs that I never would have tried otherwise. And these days I'm really finding the colour combination challenges to be my favourite.

Enter the Jot Magazine Mood Board challenge for May!
So at first glance I'm thinking to myself "oh no... green and orange? Nup. Totally not my colours at all!" I'm more of a pink and aqua scrapper. You may have noticed?! But then a further thought occurs to me that the whole idea behind a challenge is to challenge yourself ;-)

A couple of the Jot girls had used their vintage Sassafras blooms on their inspiration pages, and if nothing else I'm still a sucker for pulling out some of my old Sass stash! I simply had to follow suit and chose a packet of these bright greens ones. What a perfect match for the colour and theme of the Mood Board! So happy to have these seeing the light of day and making it onto a page at last.

Combined with a bunch of my faithful new favourite Printables labels and journal tags from Studio Calico, as well as mixing and matching items from lots of my past kits I was actually able to throw this layout together quickly and easily. Love it when that happens. Love when I don't have to struggle and agonise over every decision!

The story of the page is about my Moodles. She's such an active supporter of her sister - in all things really, but especially on the athletics field. Even just the other day she was telling me how proud she is of her sister. She actually used those words! "Bebesh won a trophy.... I'm so proud of her" she said. Awww. Heart warming moment to see how much they love and respect one another :-)




  1. Oh your layout! The picture is too cute and the colour combination fits perfectly! :)

  2. such a sweet sweet LO! Love the story..x

  3. Gee, that's a beautiful photo...& the colours look great....& yep, nothing like a CHALLENGE to move you outta that comfort zone AND I think sassafrass were THE most divine this one is win win win, in my li'l book:) And I am soooo happy that you had time for a challenge. Biggest win of all:)!!!

  4. Just adore this layout Natalie....beautiful story behind it and so glad you fitted a challenge in! Love it x

  5. oh well that is just adorable! She is such a cutie and love the story behind your layout! The Sass flowers really make the layout I think - wish I had some myself! This is definitely one challenge which WILL be a challenge for me too, I had the same thoughts of the colour combo too... hope I can pull it off - you've definitely blown it out the park! Its amazing! xo Charm

  6. Love love love!
    Gorgeous layout Natalie....using my rather difficult mood board too (I've been a bit shocked by the sheer number of comments on its difficulty.. nothing like setting a REAL challenge haha)
    Thanks SO much for taking the challenge...and for sharing such a beautiful story with us all... thats the best part of any layout...the little story captured within.
    Much love...Mardi x

  7. Absolutely amazing as always! You are so inspiring :-)

  8. beautiful as always! Thanks for playing along with our Mood Board challenge!! KIM


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