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Hello Hello Reveal

If you're a Southern Hemispherian like me, and you're dreading the imminent winter season, instead dreaming of the warm tropical summers, then the Studio Calico Hello Hello kits are just what you need to bring a little sunshine into your life ;-) Here's what the Main Kit looks like...

And here's what all the kits look like "in real life." This video will take you through all the contents of my Scrapbook Kit, as well as the 3 Add On kits.... as perceived/performed by my husband!! Yes, that's right - instead of me opening up the kits and showing you each piece by piece I thought I would ask The Man to do it. (Actually, in all honesty, it was his own suggestion. I think he secretly wishes he received packages full of pretty things every month)

Speaking of The Man, my first layout I made this month with the 'Main Kit Only' even features him! Headless... but nonetheless, that's still The Man.

'Lunch Date' Supplies: Hello Hello Main Kit, Printable Labels, Printables by In a Creative Bubble

There's 2 key feature points on this layout, possibly 3. Firstly, it's that city skyline paper. It really caught my eye as I flicked through the kit contents and I knew I wanted to do something special with it. It seems I'm not the only one, half the Creative Team seemed to have similar ideas! Secondly it was all about those foam stamps. I used the "YES" with Clean Slate ink to stamp repeatedly in my masked-off area under the buildings. The foam stamps take the ink really smoothly. And the third thing might just be those acetate alphas. A big bold font I really love!

'Hi' Supplies: Hello Hello Main Kit, Printable Labels, Printables by Hello Forever

Ironically, with all the bright colours in the kit, I wanted my second 'Main Kit Only' layout to be quite a subdued, stark, almost B&W affair to match that funny photo of my youngest putting on a shadow-puppet show. I used the masks in the kit to create more circles on my page, and chose circle stickers to also mimic the photo. I couldn't resist the sprinkling of gold from those labels either.

The first Add On I wanted to get stuck into was the 'Ni Hao' kit. Two sets of alphas (yay!) that yellow chevron bag and the red doily were my favourite bits.

So I put them all to good use on my double page spread 'Ripe'.

'Ripe' Supplies: Hello Hello Main Kit, Ni Hao Add On, Bonjour Add On, 
Printables by Hello Forever, Cutting Files by Hello Forever

I decided for my double this month I wanted everything to go BIG! Firstly I printed my big photo directly onto the ledger paper (the b-side of that red circle pattern) just for something a little different. It adds a bit of extra pattern and layering without being too overwhelming I think. 

And then I up-sized one of the Cutting Files onto a full page too. I reckon this would make a fun journaling card too, but for now it also makes a great big bold statement. And I'm cool with that.

Next, I wanted to play with the Add On called 'Hola'.... mainly because of that blue script paper by We R Memory Keepers. So awesome! It's b-side has the same pattern but in Spanish which makes it even more perfect for this kit ;-)

So I pretty much just wanted to use that paper, and then matched it with some fun bright layers from the Main Kit as well as a sprinkling of embellishments from the Embellishment-Only kit (which I'll get to in a second!)

'You & Me' Supplies: Hello Hello Main Kit, Hola Add On, Ni Hao Add On, 
Bonjour Add On, Printables by Hello Forever

The photos aren't of me (obviously), but of my friend Mei. She's one awesome friend and one amazing doctor, and I wanted to cheer her up with this bright happy layout of her and Hubby getting all sillified at a wedding. I do love some good photo-booth pics and these were too fun to pass up. Don't worry.... she knows she's going public and she's ok with that idea :-)

Now let me introduce you to my favourite Add On this month which is the Embellishment Only kit called 'Bonjour'. Isn't it just perfect in every single way?

You can pretty much see these embellishments sprinkled throughout all my layouts, or at least all the other four which weren't 'Main Kit Only' and I seriously love every single element in this kit. I've got plans for that balloon-dog mask let me assure you ;-)

'Be Bright' Supplies: Hello Hello Main Kit, Bonjour Add On, 
Printables by In a Creative Bubble, Printable Labels

On 'Be Bright' I used up another one of those kraft butterflies, and some of the puffy stickers. But mainly this layout was all about making a whole rainbow of bright happy colours, which was achievable just with papers from the Main Kit can you believe? Obviously I went with the whole ROYGBIV thing, but with this many colours to choose from you could go in sooo many directions.

There's a good dose of Printables in this layout too. All the labels come in a matching rainbow of colours, and the others which you see in the detail-shot above are from the Printables designed by In a Creative Bubble. Yep... still loving me some Printables!

'Beautiful' Supplies: Hello Hello Digital Templates, Bonjour Add On

But it was the layout above which has rocked the scrappy world in which I live. Oh my gosh! Why haven't I succumbed to digital templates before? I'll tell you why! It's because I thought "I don't do digital scrapbooking" and "that all seems too technical".

But I was unable to resist the charms of Shanna Noel's digital Templates for this month - all those rainbowy hearts was too much to bear. And taking the Digital class has helped get my confidence up. So turns out they're really easy.... and really awesome too. I took a template, changed it up just a bit so my photo became a large focus of the page and adjusted the colours a little. Then I printed it out (because I still think "I don't do digital scrappbooking") and added a few more embellishments from Bonjour to it so it's still nice and textural.

And now I'm pretty sure Hybrid Scrapbooking is going to become my new 'thing'!! This is definitely my favourite layout from this month, and I can't wait to see what the templates are like next month. I'm so inspired!

So the Creative Team Gallery is up, the Kits have gone live to the general public and the shopping has begun. Let me know what you got!


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  1. OK ... so I totally LOVED Trophy Husband explaining the kits ... and the little helping hands!
    Thinking I might have to go back and order the Bonjour kit now ....

  2. Loved the video, loved your layouts :-)

  3. Trophy husband - LOL! Great video, great layout. The "not" digital one is my fave. I will totally lift when my kit arrives.

  4. The Trophy husband did a fantastic job! :D

  5. Best 8.5 minutes of my life :) Haha, but seriously, so so so so funny.

  6. hahahaha. My favorite parts:
    "a bunch of translucent things… that are green"
    "sequins that… presumably stick onto stuff…"
    "'I love right now. WHO DOESN'T?"

  7. P.S. I got all the add on's! I love this preview of all the goodies that are coming my way! (P.P.S. this is sa_scully from the SC site… the trauma surgeon. :-D)

  8. Haha, your Trophy Husband had me giggling through the whole video. Awesome explanation of what's inside the kits! Your "Beautiful" layout is gorgeous!

  9. Your Husbad made a brilliant job!
    I love that he knows all the right names for the stuff he is unpacking :D
    Well, almost, but I can vorgive that he called the gems sequins, because my boyfriend never ever would name more than one piece correctly :D

  10. Loved the review of the kits ;) Oh, and of course the layouts too!

  11. Just saw this - LOVE IT! Trophy Husband did an awesome job with wonderful help I might add - love seeing the little hands. He has a very pleasant voice and tone and of course being in US I ADORE his accent! Tell him thank you - it was the most fun kit unveiling I have ever seen!


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