Sunday, May 4, 2014

NSD at Big Picture Classes

I cannot begin to describe how excited, nervous, flustered and flattered I was when I received an invitation to take part in the National Scrapbooking Day celebrations at Big Picture Classes! To be called one of the '10 experts' and pictured there alongside people like Ali Edwards, Becky Higgins, Stacey Julian, Heidi Swapp..... well basically the whole darn lot of them... is like something out of a dream. I'm still can't believe it's real!
I was asked to contribute a page and video sharing my tips on speedy scrapbooking. Now I'll be honest - speed is not something I'm usually known for when I scrapbook. Despite always running ridiculously low on time, I'm one of those scrapbookers who wants to try out every embellishment in 6 different places before I settle on where it looks best!

But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve - the things I settle on because I know they work best for me. And it's these things I'm sharing in my video in the BPC classroom.

But I'll let you in on the secret of Trick No.1 and that's to scrap with a kit or collection. Basically anything where the difficult choices of which products to use has already been made for you. Today for my layout I'm using the Blue Note Kit from Studio Calico - which was/is one of the kits available to purchase for just $10, so many of you might now have this kit in your hands?

But whatever you're using, and however you're preserving your memories I hope you're enjoying National Scrapbooking Day. It's not too late to sign up and register for the Big Picture Classes 10k event. Each of the 10 teachers are sharing their own video with tips about speedy scrapbooking, and after having watched them all myself I can tell you I've learned so much and gained a really fresh perspective on this hobby.

Don't forget when you're sharing your layouts on Instagram to use the tag #NSD10k and @BigPictureClasses to be in the running for some fabulous prizes as well as help us achieve our goal of swamping Instagram with 10 000 layouts. Check out all the details here.

I'll be back later with my Studio Calico NSD layout as well. But in the meantime, check out all the events on the blog.



  1. Hi Natalie, I just wanted to tell you how much I love this layout... I have to get my hands on that punch too :) Thank you for sharing your tips and congrats on being selected ;) your layouts are always fabulous!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle. All the girls have been really supportive. I sooooo appreciate it!

  2. Good ON YA!!!! Go, Aussie girl:):) I signed up but just haven't got around to doing it yet...hope it lasts longer than the weekend....LOOOVE this page...the stars are delish & I DID get my hands on this kit!!!!

    1. It's a really fun kit right? I really love it. I'm pretty sure it's not going to last me until Christmas time!

  3. Loved your calm fun approach to the NSD layout on the BPC video. Was wondering about your color tags you used to help with your color scheme. Did you design those yourself and print them out or are they a purchase? Thanks for sharing your layout tips. - KatieK.

    1. Thanks Katie! The colour tags I'm using came from Studio Calico. They're representative of the 24 colours of inks and embellishments they have and will be releasing in the Colour Theory collection. But what I find them really helpful for is exactly what I showed you in the video! You can pick them up really cheaply here:


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