Sunday, June 15, 2014

Something Beginning with P....?

I'm absolutely loving the brights in this month's Studio Calico Hello Hello Kits.... but I'll always be drawn back to the pink/yellow/pale blue combination that featured heavily in the May Camelot Kits. It's still my absolute favourite!

So that's where I started building the foundations for this card. I didn't even do it consciously, I just started layering up all my favourite leftover bits and only after I got to the top did I realise I'd gone back to pink/yellow/blue. Then using the colours in that cake as inspiration I decided to add a little pop of red.... and then green. I think it just zazzes it up a bit hey? (Yes, I may have just made up a word) ;-)

I really wanted to crack my new Craft Die too. I'm talking about that cute bow. Did you know that Studio Calico are making Dies now? I've got a couple in my stash, including some word ones which is really going to make my card-making a breeze, and they cut really smoothly. That bow may have just made it's first appearance here, but it's been going all sorts of places since then too! I think it adds some really fun dimension to this card which is otherwise all about texture.

The purpose and recipient of this card hasn't really been planned out. I was simply making for making's sake. Chilling out with some paper and glue.

Who do I know that begins with a P?




  1. What a cute card Nat! I love the dimension and pop of green the bow adds! x


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