Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Greatest of These is Love

I went to another very lovely wedding this weekend. It's so special isn't it, to see two people who love each other so very much, declare to the world how committed they are?

It was one of those weddings when you know the life story of the couple involved. You know the struggles and heartache they've been through before, and now to come together in a time of celebration is really moving. I tell you, I don't think I've ever cried so much through every stage of a wedding before. It was just beautiful!

Remember this: Faith, Hope and Love will remain. But the greatest of these is Love.

Obviously I had to try and live up to the standard of the day and put together something lovely for their wedding card. Of all my scrapbooking stash I actually turned to the new Studio Calico collection "South of Market" for inspiration. It's not just for gardening layouts you know!! The transparency is what caught my attention - it's just covered in delightful little phrases that are actually perfect for the occasion.

I love that with the transparency as an extra layer it gives the card lots more texture and dimension. And the weight of it in your hand makes it seem like the card is actually a lot more substantial that what it is, because in the end I left it quite simple in it's design.

But I think it said enough.




  1. Lovely card. I enjoy reading your Blog Natalie, it's one of my favourites. Congratulations on your achievements.

  2. This is lovely and perfect for the occasion.

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Loooove that transparency too...just adds that sort of layer of sophistication:):)


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